We are pleased to be preparing for our student community to return to school. 

This page will provide you with answers to all your questions and outline the procedures that we have put in place to ensure we are able to get back to school in a safe environment and continue to minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

Should you have any questions that are not answered on the page please contact your relevant Head of School. 


Download Back to School FAQ’s
Download Elphin Drop Off Map
Download Penquite Drop Off map

Join the Return to School Webinar on Thursday 21 May at 7.00pm by using the link below.

Join Return to School Webinar 21 May 7.00pm

NB: Please note as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, plans are subject to change.


Download Back to School FAQ’s
Download Elphin Drop Off Map
Download Penquite Drop Off map

Join the Return to School Webinar on Thursday 21 May at 7.00pm by using the link below.

Join Return to School Webinar 21 May 7.00pm

NB: Please note as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, plans are subject to change.

Download The Dash app

A reminder that you can download The Dash app from the Apple Store or Google Play.  Search ‘Scotch Oakburn College’ in your relevant store.

The Dash app allows you to turn on notifications, check timetables and see when work is due. As a parent/guardian it can keep you up to date on important messages, allows you to see your child/ren’s timetables and lets you know when student work has been marked or is overdue.


There will be DROP OFF/PICK UP ZONES near all gate/entry points (see map below) and the relevant entry points and times for each year level are:

EL Elphin: Elphin Road Gate (South at Jean Gardner Wing), from 8.20am
EL Erina: Erina Street Gate, from 8.20am
Prep: Elphin Road Gate (Main Driveway),from 8.20am
Year 1: Elphin Road Gate (Main Driveway),from 8.20am
Year 2: Claremont Park Gate, from 8.20am
Years 3: Claremont Street Gate, from 8.20am
Years 4: Claremont Street Gate, from 8.20am
Year 5: Elphin Road Gate (Main Driveway), from 8.20am
All Bus & Boarding students: Elphin Road Gate (North – Crossing Lights), from 8.20am


  • The Early Learning Centre sign in will occur at the gates.
  • Afternoon pickups are at the same locations for each year level, between 3.00pm and 3.20pm.


Early Learning Centre

Operates from 8.45am 3.00pm, i.e. normal daily routines.

Prep to Year 5

Download a copy of the map


There will be DROP OFF/PICK UP ZONES near all gate/entry points (see map below) and the relevant entry points and times for each year level are:

Years 6 & 7: Middle School Pedestrian Gate or Briggs House Turning Circle, from 8.30am
Year 8: Middle School Pedestrian Gate or Briggs House Turning Circle, from 8.15am
Year 9: Chapel Gates, from 8.15am
Year 10: Chapel Gates, from 8.15am
TCE: Chapel Gates, from 8.30am


It is recognised that some students will be dropped off at the turning circle. This can occur from 8.15am.

Spot testing of temperature may occur, and parents/adults are to remain in their cars at all times.

Boarders and those students catching buses from the Elphin Campus to Penquite simply proceed to the nearest gate from their drop-off point.

Late-comers are to sign in at the appropriate reception on arrival.


These times below will commence from Monday, 25 May 2020 for all year levels (including those year levels still at home):

Year 6, 8 and 9

Year 7, 10 and TCE*

*TCE Students

For Term 2 TCE students will be able to study at home during all Study Lines. Students will need to sign in and out at Student Reception when they arrive and when they leave the campus. Those students wishing to study at school during their Study Line may do so but must observe social distancing. Only three students allowed at the large tables in the Robert Dean Senior Student Centre and they may also use the John Morris Centre and breakout area at the top of the Helix steps. It is recommended that TCE students bring a small bag to school and take it to class thus avoid using the locker areas.

All TCE students are required to be on campus for a 20-minute Horizontal Tutor Group after recess each day (exception for Co-Op students).

Download a copy of the map

Friday 22 May – Commencement of Early Learning and limited availability for Outside School Hours Care

Monday 25 May – Commencement of student return to campuses, Prep to Year 6 & TCE (Year 11 & 12)

Tuesday 9 June – Commencement of student return to campuses, Years 7-10

Yes, once students resume school-based learning, they will no longer be supported with soc@home.

If you choose for your child to learn from home, you remain responsible for your child’s learning during this period. Resources will be provided for these students via the Dash only; teachers will be unable to guarantee daily contact with their students. Please contact your Head of School if you need further assistance.

All absences need to be communicated to the College in the normal way. It will also be necessary for any student who is considered vulnerable, due to a medical condition, that parent/s contact their Head of School as a matter of urgency.

In line with Public Health advice it is important that we take a staged approach for students returning to school-based learning. Delaying the return of Years 7-10 for two weeks provides Public Health with time to monitor the impact of lifting restrictions for primary schools and senior secondary settings before returning all students.

The decision to return to school through a phased approach is informed by Public Health advice. Schools are identified as safe places for students and staff, and evidence suggests that they present low risk in relation to the spread of COVID-19 provided the following guidelines are adhered to:

  • Students and staff who are unwell must not attend school, especially if experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 i.e. fever, cough, runny nose, tiredness, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell etc
  • Adults must not gather in and around school grounds, car parks, entrances and outside classrooms.
  • Social distancing of 1.5 metres is required by all adults.
  • Public Health advice is that social distancing between children is not required in schools provided they are well. However, for extra precaution, social distancing will still be encouraged where practical, provided it does not impact on education provision. All members of the school community are at all times to refrain from any form of physical contact, e.g. greetings, gestures, hugs, handshakes, this also includes contact sports during breaks.
  • Increased cleaning frequencies of high-touch surfaces indoor and outdoor.
  • Students and staff will continue to engage in regular effective handwashing and hygiene protocols, including regularly washing hands with soap and water or using hand sanitiser and covering coughs and sneezes.

Prior to recommencing school-based learning parents will need to acknowledge their responsibility in ensuring that no child(ren) comes to school:

  1. feeling unwell;
  2. displaying any cold or flu-like symptoms;
  3. having been in contact with anyone feeling unwell; or
  4. having been in contact with someone from a current outbreak area or who has had a positive
    COVID-19 test result.

All parents/guardians will be sent a communication from the College that will outline these specific conditions in due course, which will need to be signed prior to their child(ren) returning to school.

In addition to the Public Health advice, the College has completed its own detailed risk assessment and Return to School planning to ensure that it has processes and controls in place to provide a safe environment for classroom-based learning to recommence.

It is very important that parents and carers observe social distancing and hygiene protocols when picking up and dropping off students.  Advice is that the biggest risk of transmission of COVID-19 on school sites is from adults congregating at schools.

Adults are recognised as one of the highest risk factors in the spread of COVID-19 and as a general rule, parents are not permitted on College grounds. Only those adults who are invited on to College grounds for essential purposes will be allowed onsite. School drop-offs and pickups will be at specific school entry points. For younger students, staff will receive them directly from parents/carers and ensure a direct staff to parent/carer handover at designated gates. Students that need to leave the campus during the day can be escorted to pick up areas as required.

In-line with advice from Public Health the College will not be conducting wide-scale temperature checking of students/staff as there is limited evidence to demonstrate the value of such checks. However, if the temperature of a student/staff member does need to be checked, the school does have a supply of non-touch thermometers as a supporting piece of equipment for the provision of first aid within dedicated first aid areas of the College.

The College has arranged for additional supplies of hygiene products, such as hand wash and sanitiser and surface sprays, to be available for use throughout Term 2 and Term 3, if necessary.

During this time, we ask that students wear their full Scotch Oakburn sports uniform to school for the entire day when they have a timetabled HPE lesson. This means that no student needs to get changed at school. We ask that students please adhere to the sports uniform guidelines and not wear clothing that is designed for specific sports i.e. rowing, cycling, basketball or any other attire that is not SOC HPE uniform.

Locker areas at Penquite will have entry and exit points and students will need to wait until there is room to enter. Witches hats and crosses on the floor will mark the areas and waiting areas. Bag areas at Elphin will be overseen by class teachers.

Tuckshops, canteen and café areas will be closed for all of Term 2.

Students will need to bring all snacks and meals pre-prepared to school.

There will be no microwaves or sandwich presses available during this time.

Drinking fountains are not able to be used.

Students are not to share food at any time.

Based on Public Health advice, a number of activities will NOT occur during Term 2 including school sport, camps, excursions and assemblies. This will be monitored and reviewed as restrictions are lifted.

Yes, our buses are an essential service and bus operators are working hard to ensure buses are cleaned frequently, with a focus on high volume touch points. For extra precaution, where space permits, bus drivers may also ask passengers to leave empty seats between each other.

The College has established protocols, based on following the advice of Public Health, if a confirmed case is identified in a school.

“If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a school, the school may need to temporarily close to allow time for public health to conduct contact tracing and deep cleaning to be undertaken, to ensure the safety of staff and students prior to reopening.”