Project Description

Deputy Head of Junior School

Favourite song: We shall be free by Garth Brooks
Favourite place: Home on the farm at Springfield.
Inspired by: Rita Pierson, Sakena Yacoobi, Julie Bishop, Penny Wong, Julia Gillard.
Favourite book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
If you could be any animal? Wedge-Tailed Eagle – We have a pair that live on our farm and they are wonderful to watch. They hunt down around the river, roost in the hedge close to the house and play around in the wind currents as they come over the mountains. To see through their eyes would be a gift!
Why SOC? The College has always been part of me and my family. My grandfather chose to send his daughters to MLC and my parents chose to send their daughters. The College is an organisation I am incredibly proud to be part of, as it continues to open worlds of opportunity for its students.