Project Description

Head of LOTE & Teacher

Favourite song: Hmm, I have quite eclectic tastes so too hard to narrow it down to just one. Special memories growing up of the Beach Boys though.
Favourite place: I love travelling so anywhere interesting! But I have a soft spot for Tasmania and China.
Inspired by: Cannot go past my supportive and incredible wife and family. Students constantly amaze and inspire me too; people are so capable when they choose to be.
Favourite book: A tough one. When I was young, I would have said Harry Potter but recently Julia Donaldson has kept me sane!
If you could be any animal? An eagle, or the like. The chance to fly and see the world from above? Sign me up!
Why SOC? It really is a supportive and inclusive place where each student can strive to achieve their own potential and are catered for in a holistic manner. Regardless of a student’s interest, passion or individual difference, there is always a pathway and support to let them be their best. Likewise, as a staff member, I always know there are colleagues who I can turn to and rely on when required.