Project Description

Junior School Reception

Favourite song: It would be easier to ask which is my favourite child! So many….
Favourite place: Upon a snowy mountain, in a cabin, in front of a warm fire. If it overlooks the water, all the better
Inspired by: In a previous role I met a man who had lost both his legs and his hands following complications from a dog bite.  He continued to lead a full and active life and counted everything he did a blessing.
Favourite book: Mr Bell’s Fixit Shop by Ronne Randall
If you could be any animal?  A meerkat – hardworking little meerkats live in tight-knit community groups, working together and organising themselves for the good of the clan, including taking turns with the childcare! They are fierce when it’s needed, standing together even when the odds are against them.
Why SOC? Best people! Best students! Best city! Best State!