Project Description

Head of Visual and Performing Arts & Teacher
Music, Computer Science, Information Systems and Digital Technologies, Media production

Favourite song: I am a music teacher…there are too many to choose from!
Favourite place: Anywhere I can get away exploring and camping with my wife.
Inspired by: People who find their passion and follow their dream(s).
Favourite book: I don’t have a favourite book. There are lots of books that capture my interest, but I am a fan of living vicariously through the adventures of world travel motorcycle riders such as Sam Manicom and Ted Simon.
If you could be any animal? Zebra so I can roam and explore the east and southern Africa plains.
Why SOC? Because of the great sense of community where everyone is able to follow their passion. SOC has great buildings and facilities, but it is the people the buildings hold that makes SOC great!