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7 April, 2020


On Thursday 9 April the College will be posting home books to students.

Year 7 will receive A Long Walk to Water ready to Term 2
Year 9 will receive Of Mice and Men ready for Term 2

These books are set texts for English classes.  The loan period will be for as long as the English course requires.

Last week we posted out the following:

The Wave for Ms Poynter’s and Ms Lester’s Year 10
To Kill a Mockingbird for Mr Hughes’ Year 10
Various titles for Year 6 literature circles.

If you believe you should have received a text and it does not arrive, please let us know.

The loan period for the Year 10 books is until Term 4, and the Year 6 literature circle books are due back at the start of Term 3.

If returning the books by post, please use a padded post bag in good condition.  There will be no postage to pay if you use the “Reply Paid” address label included in your package.  Last week’s mailing did not have a “Reply Paid” address label included, as these will be posted out closer to the date due if needed.

There will be further mail-outs of course materials for other courses in Term 2.  Any instructions will be enclosed.

If anyone has any queries, please email and we will get back to you at the start of Term 2.

David Morris
College Librarian

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