Meet just some of the staff in our Pre-Prep and Prep community. Our teaching & support staff are experts in their fields.

Their breadth of knowledge and life experiences add a rich and deep level of unparalleled learning that extends well beyond the classroom.

This knowledge and experience is passed on to our students as they are mentored and challenged to think deeply about possibilities and strive to achieve their best as individuals.


Becca Biggs

Early Primary Coordinator

Favourite song: Tell me your dream by Blue Rodeo (a good Canadian band!)
Favourite place: The mountains, specifically in the alpine.
Inspired by: My family and the children I’ve taught over the years!
Favourite book: The Power of One By Bryce Courtenay – recommended by my uncle who found great strength from this book.
If you could be any animal? A wolf. I love to be, and learn collaboratively, in a pack. I find we always take our thinking much further when we work together. I also think that wolves are quite resourceful and agile and I like to think we challenge ourselves to do the same.
Why SOC? Because it is quite frankly the best possible start to your child’s education. Scotch Oakburn has innovative, passionate and dedicated educators who are inspired by the children they teach. The perfect recipe for deep engagement and learning!


Marissa Saville

Learning Technologies Teacher
Prep – Year 5

Favourite song: It depends on the mood and the occasion, anything from AC/DC to Jack Johnson to Grace Knight.
Favourite place: It may sound corny, but anywhere my family is. I love Tasmania but also love travelling.
Inspired by: All those innovators out there who try and make the world a better place for everyone.
Favourite book: Too hard! Harry Potter would have to be up there, but I am a voracious reader and enjoy a wide range of genres.
If you could be any animal? An octopus, because it is a problem solver, can juggle many things at once, and can adapt to different surroundings very impressively.
Why SOC? My relationship with Scotch Oakburn College has evolved over the past 20+ years due to the forward-thinking and child-centred approach to everything we do. I have a keen interest in cutting edge technology and all forms of robotics, and it is a great feeling to have the support of the school in implementing such programs. It is a privilege to work with so many passionate educators and support staff and I love the community feel that we create with our amazing children and families.


Laura Beaumont


Favourite song: Anything by Ludovico Einaudi for relaxation…but I’m also up for a good song to sing along to. Everything is Free by Gillian Welch is stunning.
Favourite place: Tasmania! The mountains, sea, country! Cold air on my face and the smell of native forest. Amazing!
Inspired by: My family and the children I work with. I learn so much from them everyday! Our daily work with children shapes and moulds us as teachers, becoming more experienced and inspired with each interaction. Also, Stefania Giamminuti in her book Dancing with Reggio Emilia.
Favourite book: I just love the Rosie Project (trilogy) by Graeme Simsion
If you could be any animal? Not … sure…about this one?
Why SOC? A supportive, creative, inspiring and nurturing environment for innovation in teaching and learning. All members of the community are life-long learners and all community members are valued for their talents and strengths – staff and students.


Catriona Hurd

Early Learning (Pre-Prep)

Favourite song: Knock on Wood by Amii Stewart
Favourite place: Coles Bay
Inspired by: Both my grandmothers, who strongly believed in the importance of education. Both chose to further their education and to study and work in what was then very male-dominated fields; Medicine and Pharmacy. This belief in education continued with my parents and with me.
Favourite book: That’s a tough question. I love a good mystery, and yet there are so many children’s stories I love. My all-time favourite would probably be Winnie the Pooh, by A. A. Milne and E. H. Shepard. The original!
If you could be any animal? Probably a bird; a puffin, or an Easter Rosella. I’m not sure why but I just love them.
Why SOC? The students, my colleagues, the sense of community, the support, the opportunities and experiences available … and our chickens! I am a Collegian, parent and staff member, so I am quite ingrained in our College. For me, it is perhaps more of a question of “why not?”


Fiona Bye


Favourite song:  Long Way to the Top by ACDC
Favourite place: Trevallyn Reserve
Inspired by: Hannah Moloney – permaculture and gardening guru from Hobart
Favourite book: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay
If you could be any animal? I would be a goat as they are agile and nimble. They love to be cheeky, have fun and do lots of eating!
Why SOC? I love working with the amazing staff at Scotch Oakburn, they are nothing but supportive, hard-working and creative.


Lisa Truscott

Administrative Assistant
Junior School Reception

Favourite song: Down Under by Men at Work
Favourite place: Greens Beach
Inspired by: My children
Favourite book: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
If you could be any animal? A giraffe – what a view from up there!
Why SOC? I feel lucky every day I come to work..


Sophie Gibson

Learning Assistant

Favourite song: Anything from Pink or Ed Sheeran.
Favourite place: Scamander
Inspired by:  My friends and family.
Favourite book: Life as I know it by Michelle Payne.
If you could be any animal? Wedge Tail Eagle because I can fly and see everything from above.
Why SOC? I was student here from age five to Year 12. I was then offered a Gap Year working as a Learning Assistant.  I enjoyed every minute of it and stayed.  I have been here for six years now and love it.


Caroline Tandy

Literacy Specialist Teacher

Favourite song: Too many to choose from!
Favourite place: Anywhere coastal, love the sand, the sea and the sun.
Inspired by: My fiance; he’s supportive, understanding, patient, driven, caring, amazingly resilient, strong, my rock and loves life.
Favourite book: Heartache and Bird Song by Sam Bloom
If you could be any animal? A dolphin – they epitomise life’s aspirations to be joyful, playful, intelligent, loving, adventurous, belong to a strong community, are resilient, powerful, and have a powerful survival instinct.
Why SOC? An encouraging and supportive community that embraces change, is reflective, multicultural, and forward-thinking. Wonderful children.


Susie Bennett

Early Learning (Pre-Prep)

Favourite song: Gillian by The Waifs
Favourite place: Noosa/ Santorini or anywhere in the sunshine
Inspired by: My Father- He was the kindest, most thoughtful and giving person I have known. He always put others before himself.
Favourite book: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes
If you could be any animal? An Eagle- because I would love to have time to just glide aimlessly across the sky looking down on the world going by.
Why SOC? I am very new to Scotch Oakburn. I have found it to be a wonderful place to work where everyone is committed to providing a well rounded and rich education for all students. There is a warm feeling amongst the school community that makes teaching at SOC a pleasure.


Robyn Ockerby

First Aid (plus Boarding House Support)
All of Junior School

Favourite song: The Memory by Keepers Daughter
Favourite place: Santorini
Inspired by: Everyone inspires me in their own way.
Favourite book: The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton
If you could be any animal? A cat because they enjoy laying in the sun and relaxing all day!
Why SOC? I was a student here and have loved coming back here to work.


Megan Fettke

Art Learning Assistant and Learning Support
Early Learning (Pre-Prep) and Prep

Favourite song: Rise Up by Andra Day
Favourite place: My home studio where I can sew and create whilst looking outside my window at the beautiful mountain landscape.
Inspired by: My incredible mother, I would not be who I am today if it were not for her.
Favourite book: Dear Evan Hansen by Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul. The most profound musical story that I was fortunate enough to see performed on Broadway in New York and can now relive it through the book.
If you could be any animal? I would be my dog because she gets to curl up in front of the fire and get free food.
Why SOC? I love my job because of the kids, seeing their gorgeous smiling faces and watching them grow as individuals and members of the College community, makes it all worthwhile.