Round Square


7 February, 2020


How do you develop someone’s character? This is a question that has been pondered by philosophers, educators, religious figures, parents and leaders over thousands of years.

While there are multiple elements that influence the development of a person’s character, one crucial element is ‘challenge’. When we are challenged it is an opportunity for growth, and a chance to expand our skills and competence in dealing with the world. Challenge pushes us to learn and experience new things, to broaden our comfort zones, and enable us to see that we are capable of more than we previously thought. However, overcoming challenges can be daunting, and people may instinctively try to avoid facing a challenge. Author Norman Mailer once commented that “Every moment of one’s existence one is growing into more or retreating into less.”, and when we are faced with a challenge we find ourselves at that fork in the road: embrace the challenge and grow into more, or shy away and retreat into less.

A major focus of Round Square is to provide challenges so that we are always ‘growing into more’. During our staff Professional Learning Week all staff spent time with groups of colleagues working through a variety of active problem-solving challenges that required teamwork, inventiveness, compassion, tenacity and good communication skills. Staff were introduced to a variety of activities that they can use in class with their students to provide challenges that build positive character attributes from the Round Square Discovery Framework, as well as being linked to the academic curriculum.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students

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