26 March, 2021


On Tuesday 23 March, Scotch Oakburn College swimmers competed in the SATIS Swimming Carnival in Hobart. On what was a historical occasion with the College winning the Co-Ed Aggregate Shield for the first time since its inception in 1995, 26 years in the making. The College also won the Girls Junior and Girls Aggregate Shields and the Co-Ed Junior Shield. It was a fantastic effort by all swimmers; in particular our relays, which demonstrated the depth of talent across all age groups. Congratulations to all swimmers and to our captains, Wylie Howell, William Gray and Ellie Muller for their excellent leadership throughout the swimming season. Outstanding results are as follows.

Jed Routley: U13 50m Breast 2nd

Emily Atherton: U13 50m Free 3rd, U13 50m Breast 3rd, U13 50m Back 3rd

Atlan Devin: U14 50m Free 2nd, U14 50m Back 2nd, U14 100m Free 2nd

Sam Mulford: UI14 50m Breast 3rd

Taylor Brock : U14 50m Free 1st, U14 100m Free 1st, U14 50m Fly 1st, U14 50m Back 1st

Mia Irani: U14 50m Breast 1st

John Skipper: U14 50m Fly 2nd

Emily Mitchell: U16 50m Back 1st, U16 50m Breast 2nd, U16 100m Free 2nd

Xavier Nesbitt: U15 50m Breast 1st

Bella Muldoon: U16 50m Free 2nd, U16 50m Fly 2nd, U16 50m Back 2nd

Charlotte Pilsbury-Milne: U16 50m Free 2nd

Lachie Robbins: U16 50m Free 2nd, U16 100m Free 2nd, U16 50m Back 3rd

Amy Muldoon: Open 50m Free 3rd, Open 100m Free 3rd, Open 50m Fly 1st, Open 50m Back 2nd

Boys U14 Medley Relay 1st
Girls U14 Medley Relay 2nd
Girls U16 Medley Relay 1st
Boys U16 Medley Relay 2nd
Girls Open Medley Relay 3rd

U13 Girls Freestyle Relay 3rd
U14 Girls Freestyle Relay 1st
U14 Boys Freestyle Relay 1st
U15 Girls Freestyle Relay 3rd
U16 Girls Freestyle Relay 1st
U16 Boys Freestyle Relay 1st
Open Girls Freestyle Relay 3rd

Jane Gregg
Person-in-Charge of Swimming

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