4 November, 2022


The cleanup and restoration of Scotch Oakburn Park is well underway.  I would like to acknowledge the extensive work being undertaken by our Grounds and Work team whilst working through the flood recovery process. An update on the process:

  • Extraction of approximately 140,000,000 litres of water has been removed from the Park over two weeks.  Moderate flooding of the North Esk river last week did set back recovery progress, however, did not affect the overall outlook for the Park.
  • Within several days, access to the Bushby Oval was achievable and the Grounds team have successfully been able to work on the grounds to remove unwanted debris and minor silt/mud to improve grass recovery.
  • Other ovals, however, have suffered a longer period underwater, causing more damage to the playing surfaces.  On Wednesday 26 October 2022, some 12 days after the inundation, Grounds team were able to gain access to the main oval to start its grass recovery.
  • Clean-up of the main playing fields has commenced and involved screeding the ovals of mud/silt with approximately 27 tonnes of silt being removed from the Keith Mclaughlin Oval, with a further estimated 100 tonnes still to be removed.  Further screeding and washing of the ovals will continue in the next couple of weeks to support the recovery of grass and to heal their soils.
  • Extensive cleaning of all buildings, structures and contents continues into the near future to ensure facilities are in proper working order.

Those in our rowing community will be pleased to know that engineering recommendations for repairs to the pontoon have commenced and should be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Adrian Brock
College Services Manager