6 May, 2022


Improving our Sports Mindset

The College is committed to assisting those who wish to improve their sports mindset so that when we take to the field, court or whatever it is you choose, our mindset is the best it can be for us to learn and grow into our full physical and mental potential when playing sport.

We will be having a weekly column right here in our newsletter as well as visitations around the various sports that Scotch Oakburn offer, so we are there for you to ask questions when you need to.

Topics that we’ll be covering include the 15 lessons that we can learn from the All Blacks, one of the most successful sports teams in history which are set out in the book, Legacy.

Each week our column will focus on one of them and anything else that is needed at the time for our sports calendar.How do I get selected?

  • How should I feel or what do I do if I am selected?
  • How should I feel and what do I do if I am not selected?
  • Who should be in my inner circle so that I flourish?
  • What is our school culture for compulsory sport?  What is behind it being compulsory and why that is important.
  • What should be my priority out of club/school sport and why that issue is important to resolve for a good mindset in our sporting abilities and goals?
  • How will visualisation help me?
  • Is it all about winning the final trophy or does it involve the seriousness and the development of our skills along the way to that final event?
  • What do we do with the enemy in our mind that says – we’ll never make it, or we can’t do it because they are better than us?  How do we overcome those negative thoughts and create positive goal-orientated mindsets no matter who our opponent is?
  • What does motivation mean for us and how do we get motivated, internally because it is what we want to do, or externally, because it feels good when other people praise us and tell us how good we are.  This is extremely important to be aware of when winning/losing at our sport.
  • Do I matter in a team?  Isn’t it all about the team winning?
  • How do we win competitively and in a healthy and humble way?

Please feel free to send me an email at if you would like to add some other topics to the list.

Rev Grace Reynolds
College Chaplain

College AFL Fixtures

We are fielding three AFL teams this year, Senior Girls and Senior First and Second XVIII Boys. Supporters are welcome at all games. Please find the fixtures on The Dash.

State Cycling Time Trial Results

Unfortunately, the All Schools Mountain Biking Championships scheduled for Friday 6 May has been postponed this year due to the weather forecasted. We are hoping to hear a confirmed date in the coming days, most likely to be Friday May 20 (to be confirmed).

In other cycling news, over the holidays the Tasmanian Time Trial Championships were held at Deloraine. Maya Martin won gold in the U17 Female event and Addison Brumby won silver in the U15 Female event. We wish the two girls all the best for the upcoming Tasmanian Road Championships in May and the All-Schools Road Championships at Symmons Plains in September.

Rowing Achievement – Will Gray (Year 12)

Congratulations to Will Gray who was a member of the Schools’ Pathway Eight Boys Tasmania A crew that finished in first place in the B final at the championships held at Lake Burley-Griffin, Canberra. Congratulations Will.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport