13 May, 2022


Sports Mindset

Congratulations to all our teams in their sporting endeavours over the past week.

Whether we won or lost, I wonder what we have learnt about our own character, the character and culture of our teamwork, how we speak and how we dress.

How we dress?  Yes, how we dress.  One of the most formative character mindsets in the All Blacks Team is their mindset that they are never too important to do the little things that need to be done. For example, what are we doing or what are we thinking about when we put on our sports uniform?

On Wednesday night it was excellent to see Tom Gatenby, an injured senior member of the Senior Firsts football team, present the debutants with their playing jumper for their first match, which encapsulates the spirit behind the Scotch Oakburn College playing jumper and our learner attributes.

The All Blacks have a Maori word, taonga, which means treasure.  The black jersey is taonga, a sacred object – that black jersey with its silver fern.   It reminds them that they are part of a history that goes back to 1905 when the ‘Originals’ travelled to Europe and took it by storm.   When their players put on their uniforms today, it is a gladiatorial armour of heart, excellence, hard work and “a New Zealander’s ability to become, with effort, sacrifice and skill, the best in the world”[1].

I wonder what you think about when you don your Scotch Oakburn sports uniform?  Is it just you against your opponent, you as a team member, or are you representing the history of sport at Scotch Oakburn;  maybe it’s all of the above.

The All Blacks believe that “Successful leaders balance pride with humility:  absolute pride in performance; total humility before the magnitude of the past.”

What about us, sport at Scotch Oakburn College? What is our heritage and what do we represent every time we put on our shirts and jackets and take the field for our respective sports?

This week, I will be visiting training sessions, having some chats, showing a video and blessing our teams for the winter season.

Have a great week and Don your uniform with pride and humility!

Rev Grace
College Chaplain
[1] Kerr, James.  Legacy.  Copyright © James Kerr, 2013, pp. 1-4.

Winter Sport

Congratulations to all our students on the transition to winter sports. It has been great to see students working with their coaches and PIC’s having our teams up and running in their respective sports. Our Firsts Girls football team have made an excellent start to the season with three matches in seven days and to have only 11 points scored against them is a fine effort. They now have a well-earned rest until Wednesday 25 May when our Seconds Boys and NSATIS Girls play at Scotch Oakburn Park and the Firsts Boys boys at St Patrick’s College.

Our Badminton teams also started their rosters this week and it has been great to see a packed HPEC on their training night refining their skills for the season.

Our running group started at 7.00am on Tuesday morning as well this week, with many students navigating the early morning fog at Scotch Oakburn Park, along with our Girls Senior soccer program.

If you have any sports questions, please check The Dash page and this column for information about rules, fixtures and training schedules.

All the best for the coming week.   See what is happening around the grounds and when here – Winter sport next week

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

House Cross Country Carnival 2022

Scotch Oakburn Cross Country Carnival will be held on Tuesday 24 May 2022 at Scotch Oakburn Park.

Starting times are as follows
Year 6 Girls and Boys  12.50pm
U/13 Girls and Boys  1.05pm
U/14 Girls and Boys   1.20pm
U/15  Girls and Boys   1.40pm
U/16 and  Open Girls   2.10pm
U/16 and Open Boys    2.40pm

In order to guarantee the safety of students on the cross country course, no student, staff or parent vehicles will be allowed to enter or exit the grounds at Scotch Oakburn Park throughout the duration of the carnival (12.00pm – 3.25pm). Please park in the College car park or on Penquite Road. All students must be collected from the turning circle at the completion of the Carnival.

We will be having a running group again this year on Tuesday mornings. We meet at HPEC at 7.00am the whole of Term 2 except Tuesday 24 May and Tuesday 28 June. The running group is open to all staff, parents and students if they would like to attend.

We wish all runners the best of luck and enjoyment during the Cross Country Carnival.

College Running Group

We are offering a running group again this year on Tuesday mornings throughout Term 2. We will meet at HPEC at 7.00am throughout the term except Tuesday 24 May and Tuesday 28 June. The running group is open to all staff, parents and students if they would like to attend.

Ali Foot
Head of sport