20 May, 2022


2022 House Cross Country Carnival

This coming Tuesday 24 May 2022, is the Middle School and Senior School House Cross Country Carnival. Students will have a House meeting in period 3 then will head to class in period 4 until 12.10pm, before making their way to Scotch Oakburn Park for the event. The gates will be locked at 12.30pm and there won’t be any vehicle access after this time. Spectators are to sign in at the main reception and park on Penquite Road.

Starting times are as follows:
Year 6 Girls and Boys 12.50pm
U/13 Girls and Boys 1.05pm
U/14 Girls and Boys 1.20pm
U/15 Girls and Boys 1.40pm
U/16 and Open Girls 2.10pm
U/16 and Open Boys 2.40pm

All course maps can be found under the Cross Country Carnival tab on the Sportal@Penquite Dash page. 

Around the Grounds – this week’s Sports Fixtures

Click here to view the sports fixtures for this week.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Improving our Sports Mindset

Congratulations to everyone for their sports achievements this week.

This week at our First XVIII Football Team, I blessed our players for the season, and then we discussed the formula that A-Rod, who played 22 seasons with the New York Yankee’s Baseball Team, believes about success.  In his view, success equals Fundamentals + Confidence – how do we get confidence, we learn, know and practise our fundamentals so that they become automatic skills in our game playing.

It is important to note this because quite often we want to get to the big league, be one of the team players always picked in the right place at the right time.  Yet, how much effort do we put into our fundamentals each week.  Are we humble enough to practise them and grow our ability to play them too?

Our chapter in Legacy this week, humility is explained beautifully in the light of mana.  Humility is deeply ingrained in Maori culture and implies normal or natural to distinguish the people of the land from the gods above.  To get above yourself is deeply frowned upon in Maori culture, and more broadly in New Zealand society.

The author explains that humility does not mean weakness, but its opposite.  Leaders with mana understand the strength of humility.  It allows them to connect with their deepest values and the wider world.  For Scotch Oakburn, this means that to be true leaders in our sporting endeavours, we have to be truly humble, playing out of our sporting values.

For the All Blacks, humility is seen as a vital part of a well adjusted character.  It is essential to their word mana, which captures so many qualities:  authority, status, personal power, bearing, charisma and great personal prestige and character.

As I look at this word, I understand what humility is and how humility for the All Blacks is truly the basis for their foundation, the foundation we need at Scotch Oakburn. To sweep our sheds after a game, clean up our fields after our games and training, clean up after our hospitality events and all that it takes to learn our fundamentals for our on-field endeavours.

Are we truly humble enough to be truly successful?  Will we learn our fundamentals?  Will we clean our sheds and be responsible for our decisions both on and off our sporting fields?

Have a great week of sports everyone.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain