3 June, 2022


Sporting Mindset

Congratulations to everyone for their sports achievements this week, especially our Girls Firsts Football Team, a win by just under 100 points.  Well done everyone involved.  A great achievement.

Our Boys Firsts and Seconds Football team travel down to Hobart this weekend to play The Hutchins School and we wish both teams all the very best.

At training on Thursday night, we revisited the purpose of why we play footy, what we want to achieve, and visioned ourselves kicking goals through the posts.  Part of this was to change the mindset that we can’t do anything good against the top players.  We can, as the boys reiterated, if we believe that we can, if we trust each other, and most importantly, if we trust ourselves to do what we need to do at the time we need to do it.

In Legacy this week, we look at “Purpose”.  The All Blacks believe that “the person with a narrow vision sees a narrow horizon, the person with a wide vision sees a wide horizon” so play with purpose by asking ‘why”.  Why am I doing this? I wonder if you can imagine us at Scotch Oakburn playing with the wider vision, and seeing what we need to, even when we think we are up against a stronger opponent.

The culture at the All Blacks changed after the management realised that they had “to create ‘an environment . . . that would stimulate the players and make them want to take part in it’ and he designed a six-word slogan that would define the efforts of the next eight or so years, “Better People Make Better All Blacks”:

“…by developing the individual players and giving them the tools, skills and character that they needed to contribute beyond the rugby field, they would also, in theory, develop the tools, skills and character to contribute more effectively on it. This ‘Kiwi kaizan’ was a focus on personal development, both as human beings and as professional sportsmen, so that they had the character, composure, and people skills to be leaders, both on and off the field.

Can we do this at Scotch Oakburn?  “Yes We Can!” and the commitment that I am seeing around the sporting fields of our students and coaches, I have great faith that we will.

Have a great and successful week everyone,

Rev Grace
College Chaplain


Girls AFLW season has begun strongly with five from five decisive wins in the NASTIS roster for First XVIII  Girls. Maisie Edwards (Year 12) has led the team as captain and by example on the playing ground, as we enter the last round of the season on top of the ladder.  This week, we travel to Burnie to play Marist Regional College and hope to continue developing strongly, building our skills and spirit.

Fiona Taylor
Person-in-Charge Girls Football

Launceston Running Festival

This is your last week to register for the Scotch Oakburn College team running in the Launceston Running Festival. We have a team of 12 and would love to see more of you register using the team’s name.

Week 5 wrap up

Another big week of sport at the College. You can now find the top 10 finishers and full shield and age group results listed on the Cross Country page of The Dash. Congratulations to all participants.  The final House results were Briggs first,  followed by Fox, Dean and Nance.

With exams coming up for Year 10 and TCE students, please make sure you communicate with your coaches or Person-in-Charge of your sport about any training or matches you may be absent for.

I wish all our teams the best of luck for their fixtures this round.  Download game times and locations here – Sport Fixtures Term 2 Week 5 2022

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

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