17 June, 2022


Week 7 Wrap Up

Week 7 saw our Girls Firsts footy team crowned NSATIS champions and they will now play in the SATIS final on Saturday 2 July, most likely at St Patrick’s College with the time to be confirmed. The girls kicked the first goal of the game in very wet conditions to take control of the low-scoring match.

Our Boys Firsts team put up a great battle against Guildford Young College (GYC) in the semifinal but were out gunned missing their SATIS final spot by four goals. The boys played with character all match and never gave up against the very well drilled GYC team. I would like to thank the boys and coaches for representing the College in the roster and for the way they played the game throughout the season, well done.

Download fixtures for the upcoming week here – Sport Fixtures Week 8 Term 2 2022

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Improving our Sports Mindset

Congratulations to everyone for their sports achievements this week especially our AFL Girls Senior Firsts team who won their Northern Final and are now off to play the SATIS final against Guildford Young College.

This week’s chapter in Legacy is all about learning and how to provide the learning environment needed to improve our excellence. Sean Fitzpatrick, one of the undisputed great All Blacks, having played for them 92 times, says “Be the Best that you can possibly be”.

Sean says that success comes from “modest improvement, consistently done”.  For him, it is the unrelenting focus on the big goals – winning and leaving a legacy – with consistent attention to the details of practice and preparation. “The best sports people in the world practise more than they play…to be good at something takes practice and lots of it.”

I had the pleasure of seeing this in our own Scotch Oakburn AFL Boys Senior Firsts team this week.  They didn’t win their final yet they played their best, reaping the rewards of their increased mindset, skills and knowledge they have grown each week.   I asked them on the way home, what they got from their game:

  • “Teamsmanship.”
  • “Never lower your head, you can always have impact.”
  • “Brotherhood.”
  • “Practice more so I can play.”
  • “Never give up.”
  • “Memories.”
  • “Passion for the game.”
  • “Pride.”
  • “Friendship.”
  • “Getting to know the boys.”
  • “Learnt how to play on a tough ground.  It was very wet,  everything is not always going to go our way so it was good to learn how to play on a wet ground.”

These comments showed me that they were learning to have the mindset that builds winners.  They are making those incremental changes that will serve them and the Scotch Oakburn community in the future.   They are true role models.

Remember, it is never too late to become positive – every little change we make works.  Your impact as a player, a team player, a SOC representative, builds upon the changes you made last week and the week before, and in the end, you can achieve your goals.  Little by little, improvement upon improvement brings success.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Rev Grace
College Chaplain