24 June, 2022


Newstead Athletics School Series

Each Year, Newstead Athletics invites schools to participate in their Cross-Country School Series, which consists of a series of six races for both Primary (up to Year 6) and Secondary (Year 7 and above) students. Many Scotch Oakburn athletes and their families have participated each Saturday to run a variety of exciting cross-country courses, while also enjoying the community feel Newstead Athletics has created. Saturday 17 June was the final event for the School Series, which took place at Trevallyn Reserve.

We would like to congratulate all who participated in these fun events. Scotch Oakburn College had tremendous participation and all of our athletes should feel very proud of their achievements. We also celebrate the support and encouragement our athletes gave to one another as well as the broader community!

We are pleased to share with you that Scotch Oakburn has won both the Junior and the Senior Aggregate trophies for 2022! A fabulous achievement for all involved!

There were also a number of individuals and teams to who we would like to give a special mention for their achievements across the series:


Under 7 Males: 3rd Jagger Liu
Under 9 Males: 2nd Reuben Derbyshire
Under 9 Females: 2nd Katie Horsman, 3rd Jasmine Liu
Under 13 Males: 3rd Bobby Byrne
Under 15 Females: 1st Bella Shaw, 3rd Chloe Horsman
Under 17 Females: 1st Sophie Marshall 2nd Abbey Berlese
Under 20 Males: 1st Cameron Parker, 3rd Hamish Fyffe


Primary: 3rd SOC ROCKETS: Katie Horsman, Jasmine Liu, Mariella Rigney, Hudson Battese
Senior: 3rd SOC NAVY: Eva Shaw, Bella Shaw, Sophie Marshall

Thank you to all who participated in the School Series this year! We also thank all families and staff involved for their encouragement and support.

Finally, a very special thank you to Newstead Athletics for putting on such a great series for our school-aged athletes. If anyone would like to continue running with Newstead Athletics, there are still a number of events in the coming weeks. Please visit Newstead Athletics –

Rachel Buck
Co-curricular Coordinator – Junior School

Student Achievements

Mackenzie Buck (Year 10) achieved two personal best lifts to win gold for her age group in the Push and Pull category at the Tasmanian State Powerlifting Titles.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Congratulations to the following swimmers who have been selected to represent Tasmania in the 2022 School Sports Australia national competition to be held in Brisbane 15 – 23 August.
Emily Atherton (Year 8), Taylor Brock (Year 9), Ella Fischer (Year 10), Grace Mitchell (Year 9), Isabella Muldoon (Year 9), Jessica Muldoon (Year 6), Sienna Nesbit (Year 5), Isabella Shaw (Year 8), Atlan Devin (Year 9), Samuel Fischer (Year 7), Sam Mulford (Year 9), Xavier Nesbit (Year 10), John Skipper (Year 9).

We wish you well!

Jane Gregg
Acting Head of Senior School

Looking ahead to Week 9

Monday 27 June will see our Firsts and Seconds badminton teams take on St Patrick’s College (SPC) and Launceston Christian School respectively in their NSATIS finals. All three of our teams have had excellent seasons and have worked collaboratively in training to have a great season. Our next big challenge will be the Girls Senior SATIS football final at 12.30pm on Saturday 2 July at SPC as part of the football SATIS final gala day, where they will play Guildford Young College. It would be great to see a sea of Gold, Navy and Maroon up at SPC in support of our girls!

Download sporting fixtures – including the All School Cross Country timetable – here: Sport Fixtures Week 9 Term 2 2022

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Sports Mindset

Our sports mindset is one that is often spoken about as teamwork, friendship, and supporting your mates, but I wonder what learning we are actually getting from all these catchphrases – are they just words, or do they actually mean something to us, individually and corporately as a team and a College representative.

This week in Legacy, we are looking at creating a learning environment. The All Blacks have a system called Whanau which means Hold to the spearhead formation of the Kawau (a flock of birds – a kind of cormorant).  It is represented in this diagram

One bird leads, the rest follows and the formation stays the same, even though the leaders change as they follow a synchronised support system, much like the peloton of professional cyclists.

Ornithologists say that flying this way is 70% more efficient than flying solo.  That is why school sport is a must for every student.  It is how we fly – to help you become the physical and social human being you want to become.  Without it, you would be flying solo and in whanau terms, that would be a total loss because, as with these birds, if a bird falls out of formation, it feels the wind resistance. It re-joins the flock for support.  If one falls behind, others stay back until it can fly again.  No bird gets left behind.

In our College sport, many wonder why we make it compulsory.  It is so that no one gets left behind.  We are all working towards the physical aspect of our wellbeing, with teammates who support you, even when you’re down, we won’t leave you behind.

So for whanau to function, everyone must move towards the same point.   You are still free to choose the course you take, but the spearhead is most effective if we all work together.

How do we achieve this mindset in our sporting programs – fly in formation – go with us; be of one mind – all learning and achieving our goals for our teams, follow the spearhead by listening to our captains and coaches and acting upon their advice.  This is the ‘being of team’ and the essence of success.

May you all have a winning mindset that is healthy, physically, and mentally, to achieve your team goals and our College Sporting Spirit.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain