19 August, 2022


Around the Grounds

Download next week’s sports fixtures for all sports here – Sport Fixutres – Term 3 Week 5 2022


The Girls Senior Firsts soccer team had a big day on Wednesday. They drew 1-1 with Launceston Grammar.

To put this into perspective, last year they lost to Grammar 15-0 and 11-0. They also played them 2 weeks ago in the first game of the season and lost 8-0. Launceston Grammar has not lost or drawn a game this season.

The team has worked very hard during Term 2 and 3 and has come together as a cohesive group. Their self-belief has improved so much and we are super proud of their courage to keep at it despite some heavy defeats. Thanks to Miss Julie Heggarty and coaches Maddy Lohse and Luke Day for building a great team.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Student Achievements

Congratulations to Gemma Hodgetts and Amelie Djatschenko (Year 8) who have been selected for the Under 15 State Netball ETP (Emerging Talent Program).  This selection is a recognition of the talent and dedication of these students to their chosen sport.  We wish them all the very best for the upcoming opportunities.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Improving our Sports Mindset

Chapter 11 of Legacy – Sacrifice.

This week saw two particularly great results amongst all our wins and these were those experienced by the girls and boys soccer teams.  Both drew in games where one might have thought that they couldn’t because of the opposing teams.   Both sacrificed; both didn’t lose.

For the All Blacks, sacrifice means standing fearless and knowing that if you want to experience being a champion, you have to go the extra mile.

If you love sport, the game you play and train for should be one of sacrifice – where you give your all for that 1 hour 30 minutes or so – to win for yourself, your team and your school.

So what does this mean for a Scotch Oakburn team spirit?

Brad Thorn, who played more than 200 Rugby League games for the Brisbane Broncos before switching to be an All Black, playing 60 tests for them and becoming a World Cup Final Winner, says he was “a lazy kid” but his father had a motto that he now uses every day…

“Champions do extra”

First to arrive at the gym, and the last to leave, Thorn’s motto means he always adds something extra to the end of every routine – an extra rep, an extra ten minutes, an extra set, an extra circuit.  “Five minutes to go into the Test match,” he asks, “who wants it more?”.

There is a saying, mentioned in Legacy, that “there are no crowds lining the extra mile”.  On the extra mile, we are on our own:  just us and the road, just us and the blank sheet of paper, just us and the challenge we’ve set ourselves.  It’s the work we do behind closed doors that makes the difference out on the field when we are playing.

We hear and read a lot about the agony of the long-distance runner, the loneliness of the artist in their garret, and the kinds of sacrifice – of time, comfort, socialising, hedonism – that it takes to make the transition from ordinary to extraordinary, good to great, but the winning difference is most neatly encapsulated in the mantra given to Thorn by his father:

“Champions do extra”

I wonder what this means for us at Scotch Oakburn this week as we head on into some more games to win a place in the finals.  What will we do extra to be a champion for ourselves, our team and our College?

Rev Grace
College Chaplain