26 August, 2022


Sport Fixtures

Download and view next week’s sports roster here – Sport Fixtures – Term 3 Week 6 2022

Improving our Sports Mindset

Congratulations to all those teams who won this week.  A magnificent effort for the Girls Firsts Soccer Team who waged a gallant effort for their first win of the season.

I have to say from when I started interacting with students at the rowing last season, at the football and now at soccer, I am really proud of how our students conduct themselves in their sporting competitions.    Their emotional intelligence, honour of the referees’ decisions and support for all things good, brings honour to our College’s name, and I thank you all.

This week is our last Chapter in Legacy and it is on language.  In Maori, Taringa whakarongo – let your ears listen.  I love their motto, “Invent your own language – sing your world into existence.”

Stories, we are told,  are the way we understand life and our place in it. We are ‘meaning-making machines’, interpreting and reinterpreting a sequence of events into a narrative form and reassembling at will. As children, stories teach us the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, loyalty and love – our ideas of the way life is, should be and could be. Once we’re adults – stories help us understand who we are, what we want, what we stand for, what we stand against, and why we do things.

In Man’s Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl says, ‘the striving to find meaning is the primary motivational force in man’ – and stories are the way we construct and find meaning in our lives.

I wonder how our story for sport at Scotch Oakburn will develop this year and beyond.  I look forward to the change I can see happening, when all of a sudden, we are being proud of our wins and losses because they are making us something – sporting champions because we do our best and then we do our extra.

Remember there is no failure, only feedback.  Feedback that if we had a loss or even a draw, we have to do something different, find that extra seed of greatness within us, that will take us over the line to win.

Happy sporting Scotch Oakburn.

Rev Grace