2 September, 2022


Around the Grounds

Download next week’s sporting fixtures here – Sport Fixutres – Term 3 Week 7 2022


Student Achievement

Last weekend a number of Scotch Oakburn students travelled to Adelaide as part of the Tasmanian State Cross Country team to compete at the National Championships.

Sarah Horsman and Chloe Hassell competed in the 11 years girls, Chloe Horsman in 13 years girls, Bella Shaw in 14/15 years girls, Cam Parker in Under 18 boys, and Benjamin Findlay in Under 20 men. Benjamin was also chosen as the State Team Captain along with Chloe White from Exeter High School. The atmosphere was very welcoming and friendly, but with high-intensity races that you would expect at a National Championships. All the students gained a lot of valuable experience racing against the best in Australia across their age groups and are hoping to qualify for next year’s championships being held in Canberra.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students

Congratulations to the Under 17 East Launceston Junior Football Club girls team that defeated Launceston in NTJFA football grand final at UTAS stadium. The team featured many of our Scotch Oakburn girls and was coached by parent Chris McLarty. Well done on a fabulous effort this season.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Sporting Mindset

One of the things I have enjoyed this week is learning the language that inspires our students.

Working with the soccer boys this week, I wanted to tell them the week before to protect the score when they were ahead, but I didn’t do so this week. In the locker rooms in their pregame ‘Rev-Up’, I discussed the meaning of protecting the score whilst they were ahead so their opponents didn’t score against them to protect the game.   “Oh Rev” they said, “that’s what we call ‘Parking the Bus’; say that and we’ll know what you mean.”

It reminded me of how much language we use that might not be connecting with our listeners.

So here is a list of words that I say regularly to our teams and I wonder what they mean to you:

  • Champions do extra
  • What is the extra you can bring right now to the game when it’s in the balance?
  • Lift your heads
  • Keep the momentum going
  • Are you doing your best?
  • Do you want to give everything for yourself
  • Do you want to give everything for your team?
  • Do you want to give everything for your coach?
  • Do you want to give everything for your school?

Most say yes but I wonder what the truth is. Do we really want to try for the best outcome possible, to have the grit of champions that makes them the best they can be?

Do we really take the time to focus our actions, our words and our ways of being successful, not because we put others down or gloat over our performances but because we humbly know what we have to do to go about getting our best result, matter-of-factly, and get the job done?

Well done to the boys Firsts soccer team this week. Be proud of your achievements. Go Scotch Oakburn! ”

Rev Grace
College Chaplain