9 September, 2022


Around the Grounds

Download next week’s sporting fixtures here – Sport Fixutres – Term 3 Week 8 2022

Student Achievements

Last weekend, the Hobart Soccer Cup was held, with over 648 games played from Under 8 to Under 16.

The Launceston United team that won the Under 13 Division A consisted of four Scotch Oakburn Year 7 students, Hugh Daley, Max Woodroofe, Remi McCullagh and Sebastian Vincour. Congratulations!

Year 8 students Meg Dennis and Lucy Johnston are competing for Tasmanian at the 2022 Marcus Oldham Australian Interschool Championships 25 – 29 September, staged by Equestrian NSW, on behalf of Equestrian Australia, at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.  Lola Saward (also Year 8) was also selected but unfortunately had to withdraw due to illness with her horse.  Congratulations to all three girls on your selection.

Ben Green 
Head of Middle School


The Northern High Schools Sports Association netball roster has come to an end after 12 rounds spanning Term 2 and 3. Scotch Oakburn College had five teams entered in this competition, four teams in the Year 9 and 10 age group and one team in the Year 11 & 12 age group.

After a long season, our Year 11 & 12 were the only Senior team to make finals. The team took on Newstead College in the grand final match on Wednesday at Newstead College. It was a close game with Scotch Oakburn fighting back from nine points down, only to lose by three in the final quarter.

Thank you to all coaches, umpires and parents for coming along and supporting the teams.

Justin Clarke
Person-in-Charge of Netball


Last weekend our equestrian team competed successfully in the inter-schools Dressage and Show Jumping. Thankfully the weather was sensational and provided perfect conditions for the riders to compete. Team mascot Blitz was an awesome addition and rocked the Scotch Oakburn colours, rallying team members around him with his cuteness. The team started off strongly on Saturday with several riders placing individually in their dressage tests. The College took home the Junior Shield, with Atlanta Blundstone (Year 5), Aggie Lyne (Year 6) and Isla Willows (Year 6) delivering the trophy. The senior riders also tasted success, with the Senior Shield won by Oceana Blundstone (Year 8),  Ella Nast (Year 10) and Lucy Johnston (Year 8).

The team backed up Saturday’s success with a fantastic Sunday in the Show Jumping, with members placing in almost every height. Our junior team won the Show Jumping Shield. Well done to Hirrani Blundstone (Year 5), Isla Willows and Atlanta Blundstone. The senior riders also rode extremely well, with Scotch Oakburn placing in every class.

Every member of our equestrian team did an exceptional job, not only by competing but by supporting one another. They showed compassion and rode beautifully on both days. We would like to thank the team for their commitment and their hard work preparing their horses for a wonderful two days of competition.  A massive thank you to Mrs Joy Russell, our person-in-Charge of Equestrian, and former Scotch student Jess Cowan (’15), who stepped in and up as our coach, and was a source of constant support and organisation. We will be presenting the shields to the College soon in assembly.

Mietta Gray, Daisy Willows and Claire Russell


Congratulations to all those in the College NSATIS athletics team that competed in less than desirable conditions at Penguin Athletics Centre on Thursday 8 September. The team of 98 travelled to Penguin early in the morning after a “Rev up” from Rev Grace. We had two very important reserves that did not end up being used on the day, but I would like to recognise the support of the team that Year 7 students Rosie Griffin and Bob Connell gave to all competitors. We had many students displaying great courage in competing above their own age group and earning valuable points for the College, and a handful of students competing in more than six events on the day showing great sacrifice and stoicism for the team; well done.

The College team won the U15 girls, Open Girls and Open Boys Pennants. A list of full results as well as the shield and pennant results can be found on the SATIS website.

I would like to thank our team captains, the teachers involved in the school athletics program, Miss Julie Kemp, Miss Kim Badcock, Mr Cale O’Keefe and prac student Mr Jack Mazengarb for helping to prepare the team and assisting on a very long day out. Along with Ms Liz Gray working with the middle-distance group on Thursday mornings.

A slightly smaller team will now focus on the SATIS carnival next Saturday 17 September at St Leonards Athletics Centre. We will have a final training session on Monday afternoon at St Leonards and I will have the SATIS team released over the weekend.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport


Scotch Oakburn is registered as a team in the inaugural Hobart Airport Running Festival. There are many distances to choose from including 2km, 5km, 10km and more. Please use the team name of SCOTCH OAKBURN COLLEGE when registering on the website,, to receive 10% off your entry fee into any event distance. All members of the Scotch Oakburn College community are welcome to join the team.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Sporting Mindset

Congratulations to both of our Senior Firsts soccer teams who have made the finals this year, and to all those athletes I had the pleasure of giving a “Rev’s Rev Up” prior to getting on their bus to Penguin for athletics yesterday.  I hear it was a wonderful day that everyone enjoyed.

This week, we have been concentrating on how to avoid fear taking away our energy and controlling the outcome of our actions.

Fear can be used to energise us or it can control us out of our dreams if we let it.

Ant Middleton, the hero of SAS Australia has a whole book written on it called “The Fear Bubble”.  It is an extraordinary journey into his life as he had to grapple with his fear to complete his operations, including climbing Mount Everest, as a Special Forces Operator.

For those who have missed out on the training, it is very simple.  There is a time to feel our fear and there is a time not to.  When we are training, learning our skills, preparing for our games, this is not the time to fear.  This is the time to learn, he says.  So if fear comes into it, if we are out on the field practising, shut down any fearful mindsets by saying, “No, this is not the time to fear”.

Then, just prior to the game/event or whatever it is you are fearing, go into a fear bubble, feel the fear, embrace it, let it hang like dread all over you and then shake the fear off, let it all go, and you will feel lightweight again and be able to go on and in his words, “Get the job done!” because you have harnessed your fear at the right time, felt it, and let it go.   Then you have the mental capacity to concentrate, focus and achieve your win; because you are not fighting through fear to do so.

After the game is when you let the adrenalin sink into what you’ve just done; but during the operation, in our case, our sport, have extreme focus without fear.

Enjoy your week everyone.  Make it fearless, make it count.  You are all champions in our eyes.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain