16 September, 2022


Around the Grounds

Make sure you watch this week’s news video (above) to catch up the all the sporting action from this Term.

Please note that the SATIS Athletics carnival has been cancelled due to the expected weather.  No alternate date has been set at this time.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport


Congratulations to our Senior Girls and Boys teams that competed last weekend at the Tasmanian Senior Secondary College Basketball Championships in Hobart, 10 – 11 September.

Our Senior Girls were in a mixed pool with Division 1 and 2 teams. All teams played each other over the weekend to determine who would play off for each Division’s grand final. They played some great games of basketball in their pool games winning against Newstead College (54-18) and a very close one against Rosny College (56-50). They only lost two games to the two designated Division 1 Colleges. They then played Rosny College again for the Division 2 Grand Final on Sunday and played a fantastic game, winning 60 – 41.

The Senior Boys team played very competitively and defeated Elizabeth College (59-42) on Day 1, their other games were very competitive, but they went down to Guilford Young College (55-64), Launceston College (41-62) and Rosny College (47-58). All games saw the boys in front or even, only getting behind in the latter stages of each game.

Both teams played some excellent basketball over the weekend and their coaches, Rick Wyllie and Malcolm Gardner, were extremely impressed with their game discipline and the respect they had for their opponents, the umpires and their teammates.

A huge thank you to the girls’ Team Manager, Caroline Bremner, for her tireless work with all these students over the weekend, our referees, Shane Good and Alex McCowan, and also to all the parents who attended this weekend, involved in scoring and cheering from the sidelines, as your support was and is always greatly appreciated.

Natalie Good
Director of Basketball

Sporting Mindset

This week has been a challenge as we have all faced our ups and downs in our sports mindsets.

Some have wanted to win, some have wanted to just have a good time with their mates, some have wanted to…and the list goes on.

Throughout the week, I heard many reasons why we believe we may not have an infinite mindset in our sport, such as “they have a bigger pool to choose from”, “we play many sports and can’t turn up to training”, “I am tired because of the amount of sports I play and the amount of study I have to do”, “we’re not good enough for next year”, “we won’t beat them, they have sport inside their curriculum, not like us, outside of the curriculum”.  This thinking can lead to us not playing at our very best.

Remember, when we don’t feel that we have done our best, we have to try something different.  When we take a wrong turn on the road, all we do is make a U-Turn and go another way.  It is the same if we ‘make a mistake’ on the field, don’t get the goal in, don’t receive a pass, don’t kick it straight to the person we were aiming for. All these things only mean we have to try something different next time.  Practise more so you know when it is right or wrong.  That’s why we have so many driving lessons before we get our license.  Taking to the field in our chosen sport is no different; we all need to learn, practise, and take action.

I am reminded of the All Black’s trust in themselves, no matter what, no matter who is playing in their team, no matter the team they are playing against.  Having our own backs is a great strength to learn. The College is proud of all our sporting participants, on and off the field, and it is not fair to individuals if they are not also proud of their best efforts.

Remember, you are the best you available to this earth.  Cherish you and your sporting games will also be the best they can be.

Have a great week of sports.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain