30 September, 2022



A reminder to all students that have selected football as their winter sport for 2023, you will need to register with East Launceston Junior Football Club. Registration goes live on 1 November. Register immediately so you don’t miss out. Registrations that are late may not be accepted once teams are full, so it is important that you are a member in time for the next football season.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Sporting Mindset

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As we look forward to our summer sports in Term 4, I wonder what you are concentrating on in your mind.

For example, this week saw the last game for tennis great Roger Federer.   When asked about mindset once, he said, “There is no way around hard work.  Embrace it.  You have to put in the hours because there’s always something which you can improve.”

As I think of the rowers and their early mornings, loss of weekends through the Christmas period and beyond, who have already started their fitness – they are already experiencing what sacrifice and hard work is, to achieve their goals.

Let’s set our focus to the hard work that Roger talks about and achieve our winning spirit.

Enjoy your break everyone, see you back in Term 4.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain