21 October, 2022


Flooding update

All those involved in sports affected by the flooding have been sent information about training and game changes.  This information can also be found on your relevant sport Dash page.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport


Student Achievement

Congratulations to Lucy Johnston (Year 8) who is representing Australia in the Pony Club International Dressage Competition 2022. Riding against USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa and the Cayman Islands, the Pony Club Australia team competes virtually. Lucy competes by doing USEF Training level test 1 on horse Clearview Royal Zeva, which involves a series of working trot; working canter; medium walk; free walk; 20m circles in trot and canter movements. The competition is judged from video recordings by a panel of Canadian judges. The results will be released in November and we wish Lucy every success.

Ben Green
Head of Middle School

Basketball Bonanza

One week to go! Grab your tickets in the Basketball Bonanza to win some amazing prizes and help basketball purchase their shooting machine.

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Winning balls will be drawn Friday 28 October 2022.

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Permit Number 95907

Sporting Mindset

Image source: Nerowisdom

This term we will be commencing a new 10 Module Sports Mindset Program firstly with the Rowers and then making it available for all of our sporting teams to utilise if they want to increase their success in sport and in life, generally.

Throughout the Rowing season, the rowers will meet on Thursday afternoons to complete their module/s for the week so that the Head of the River competition is foremost in their mind and training now, not at the last minute.

This morning we discussed what happens when we try and shortcut our training to make it easier on ourselves.

Primarily, it is simple.  Every time we shortcut our training and do not push through our comfort zone, we take one step back from being our very best.  Every time we push through and do our training as it is meant to be done and we learn and grow through pushing through our comfort zone, we take a step forward to being our very best.

If we are not able to give that simple commitment to push through and grow through the circumstances, then the pain in the boat in those important races could be real, because we won’t have the resilience and mindset to cope with it all as we haven’t strengthened our minds to do so.

As we go through the modules, I will update everyone here in our newsletter on the topic and how the changes affect us all as human beings exercising our bodies and minds to be the best we can be in our sport, bravely, courageously and with a commitment to do so.

Have a great sporting week everyone,

Rev Grace
College Chaplain & Co-Curricular Mindset Coach

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