8 December, 2022


Basketball Finals

There were certainly some great games of basketball for our Grand Finals and one nailbiter!

We had three of our Division 1 teams recognised as Grand Finalists this term:

The Year 9/10 Firsts Boys team, coached by Mr Brett Smith, matched up against St Patrick’s College (SPC) – Green in their final. Scotch Oakburn dominated from the outset and took an early lead with a 12 to 2 split at quarter time! The boys continued to build on that lead, eventually winning the game 67-30 and certainly deserved to be presented with the Adam Gibson Cup! Congratulations to all these boys and their coach on an excellent term and season of basketball.

In stark contrast, the Year7/8 Firsts Boys team, coached by Mr Jake Kilby, played a very close match against SPC – Gold and were only 2 points down at the halftime break 19-21. SPC then outscored our boys in the third and held a 9-point lead going into the last quarter. To their credit the boys were relentless and never gave up, playing some great defence they clawed their way back into the game and after some key successful foul shooting the boys were only one point down with 36 seconds remaining in the game.  They then stole the ball and secured a basket that placed them 1 point in front with 3.9 seconds to go. SPC couldn’t convert in that time and we secured the win 41-40! It was certainly, a great game to watch and the consistent effort from all our boys was excellent.

The Year 7/8 Firsts Girls team, coached by Miss Madi Shaw, played against Deloraine High School, a team that had already beaten them twice in the roster. Despite not having three of their players due to injuries for the final, the girls fought hard and were up by 1 at half time 15 to 14. But the third quarter saw Deloraine score some key baskets and take the lead by 8 points going into the last. Our girls, with only six players, struggled with the intensity in the latter stages of the last half and went down by 14 (20-34). I congratulate the girls for their efforts.

Congratulations to all players and coaches in our teams this Term, what a fantastic effort to even make so many finals! Once again, a huge thank you to all our players, coaches and parents for your commitment to basketball this term.  I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas as we look forward to recommencing in Term 1 2023.

Natalie Good
Director of Basketball

All Schools Athletics

On Saturday and Sunday 29 and 30 October, The Tasmanian All Schools Athletics Championships were held at the Domain Athletics Centre in Hobart.

Scotch Oakburn College was represented by Kate Atherton (Year 11), Tom Watters (Year 10), Macie Petterwood (Year 7), Zoe Jarvis (Year 6) and Brontè Krapf (Year 6).

All athletes performed exceptionally well.

Both Zoe (age 12) and Brontè (age 11) finished third in the girls age combined events.

Kate, Tom and Macie placed in the top two for many of their events and have been selected to represent Tasmania at the Australian All Schools Athletics Championships in Adelaide from 9 to 11 December. They will compete in the following events:

Kate (Under 18) 200m, 400m and 800m
Tom (Under 17) high jump and 110m hurdles
Macie (Under 14) high jump and long jump

We wish them every success at the event this weekend.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Tasmanian Devils Trials

All the best to our students playing in the Tasmanian Devils trial football matches at Campbell Town this Saturday. The students invited to trial are:

Ella Nast (Year 10)
Harriet Bingley (Year 9)
Patrick Gatenby (Year 10)
Zac Reynolds (Year 10)
Charlie Skipper (Year 11)
Oscar Harper (Year 11)

Ali Foot
Head of Sport

Basketball – The Dr Dish Shooting Machine has arrived

We were so amazed and so grateful for the support received for our Basketball Bonanza Raffle and I am very pleased to advise that we now have the shooting machine up and running for all our players to use.

This complete training system is a valuable piece of equipment for our basketball program given its extensive features, for not only individual, but group workouts.

Students are able to track their progress on their mobile phones by downloading the Dr Dish App directly.

Our Basketball students are able to book their individual or small group 20-minute sessions in the mornings themselves via this link ! And now that the basketball rosters are coming to a close there will also be times available in the afternoons/evenings up until the 22 December that can be arranged by emailing me at

Please note that booking requests will then recommence in the New Year from 16 January.

Any questions please contact me directly.

Natalie Good
Director of Basketball

Sporting Mindset

From Brain Network Neuroscience, we learn that there are five major networks in our Brain and funnily enough, they match an acronym of T.I.M.E.S[1];  it stands for:

Thinking Network (Central Executive Network) where we do all our thinking, processing, decision-making.

Imagination/Creativity Network – where we imagine and create, design and dream about what it actually is that we want to create in our lives.

Motivation Network – this is the distributor of dopamine into other networks when we are fired up and passionate to achieve a particular goal.

Emotions Network – which is governed by our seven primal emotions[2]; and our

Salience Network – this is the non-language area of our brain, our social norms that we do automatically as human beings, our values and our spirituality.

Knowing this framework, we are able to work out where we are at any given moment, and what we need to do or where we need to change to achieve the results we want.

Further, from FMRI scans, we now know that a person cannot be in two networks at the same time and this is important to know as we develop our sporting skills

For example, for rowers,  it is very important to know how long they are spending in their Thinking Network, thinking about the process they need to do in the boat, to win their race.  The same of course can be said of other sports as well.

This is crucial for a rower in particular because of the pain that they experience when they are rowing.  If they are concentrating on their pain too much, and it is getting the better of them, they need to change into their Thinking Network and concentrate on the process they need to be doing to compete and not stay in their Emotional Network, where they will feel the pain and possibly end their race without realising their dream.

More fully, because you can’t be in two networks at the same time, if you are allowing the pain to get to you, you are in your Emotions Network, which is not going to let do your very best as you are concentrating on the pain, not the race.  If you change over to your Thinking Network, you will overcome the pain and make the correct decisions regarding what to do to have the best race that you can.

Have a good ‘sporty’ weekend and see you all next year.

Rev Grace Reynold
College Chaplain & Sports Mindset Coach

[1][2] Archaeology of Mind by Jaak Panksepp