24 March, 2023


This week we focus our attention on how we deal with loss, particularly with respect to not being selected in a team and how we become “good sports” ie resilient if we haven’t won our particular event.

I received this video from the Hockey Academy and it is a great example of how one person dealt with the news he was not selected for the Hockey World Cup.   Field Hockey Inspiration with Ryan Julius

It is only a five-minute video yet he gives a wealth of examples in his real-life story of what it means to become resilient, even if we aren’t selected.  Sometimes in sports, we confuse our identity and character with why we weren’t chosen.  He chose to still live his character in the circumstances, and in the end, that is what he and his coaches champion.   The circumstances didn’t change his attitude about who he was.

One of the benefits I see in how this young man acted was the resilience to keep on showing up at training and events, helping out where he could, even though he knew he wasn’t selected.  He was still there to support those who were.

How do we show up if we aren’t selected for our top teams?  Do we lull ourselves into self-pity, do we get down on ourselves and beat ourselves up, or do we become real and do the things that this young man did, to put himself on top again?  Resilience in sport is a very necessary requirement because games and teams are changing every week as each team works towards their strengths to enable best performance – as well.

The second issue for us to focus on today is how we respond to our faithful supporters if we do not achieve our desired outcome in our race or individual event.  Do we sulk, do we beat ourselves up, do we ignore those who helped get us there, or do we take this as an opportunity to show our resilience by still thanking the people who have supported us?   Remember, the younger years in our College community are looking to our seniors, our top teams, to model their behaviour on.

Good things to reflect on as we finish our summer season sport and transition into our winter sports.  How do we be good sports and thank everybody who helped us achieve our best and how do we show resilience even if we are not selected for the top teams?

Have a great sporting transition everyone.

Rev Grace
College Mindset Coach