17 March, 2023


Reclaiming our Power

As we learn our sport, hone our skills, and develop our peak fitness, we can often be weighed down by a ‘powerlessness’, ‘a dread’ that comes over us from concentrating on winning, because in our heart of hearts, we believe that we can’t win because ‘someone else’ always does.

That thinking can make us powerless to win because our brain is already defeated and doesn’t put in the effort that it actually needs to, to celebrate the win.

If we think about winning and our focus is trying to overcome the negativity of not being able to win because of helplessness, hopelessness, or powerlessness, that’s where we’ll stay throughout our races/games.

Let’s accept that we will all do our best, no matter if we are winners or placegetters and then we can focus on the process we need to achieve our best, your best, and collectively, the College’s best for 2023.

That way we all win, no matter what.

A morning ritual you might like to try as you go to your sports days:

  1. Head Stretch
  2. 3 x Mindful Yawns
  3. Ask your intuition, is there anything you are feeling negative about? If yes, feel the negative feeling, whatever it is, and let it flow from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and back up again, and when you reach your head again, blow it out of your mouth as if you are blowing it out through a straw.  (This blows out all the negative toxins)
  4. Take one more mindful yawn.
  5. Ask your intuition, what is your Deepest Core Value for your sport event that day?
  6. Close your eyes and feel the experience of that value whilst you are playing your sport and let that feeling flow from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and back up again.
  7. Now go and do whatever that Value is.

Be mindful always to have fun, always enjoy what you’re doing and be powerfully YOU.

You deserve it!

Rev Grace
Sports Mindset Coach