24 February, 2023


One of the areas of mindset that we have been discussing amongst the coaching team this week, is what does it mean to be competitive, to be our best, yet enjoy our sport.

One of the discussions that really stood out for me was with one of our international coaches who has competed at the Olympics. They noted that there are two ways of competing.

One is for the camaraderie, being amongst the sport and enjoying the experience of belonging to a team.  The other is to compete to lead.  I wonder what that means for us at Scotch Oakburn?

I think we experience both.  Some want to play sport to enjoy the mateship, the team environment, belonging to a team sport and not necessarily as an individual, but as a value of ‘belonging’ to something greater than ourselves.

I am always reminded in this sort of discussion that there is no “I” in “team”.

So how do we enjoy the ‘team’ and lead the race, if that is what we want to do.

I think for me, it is the preparedness of always ‘giving more’, training that little bit harder and, last but not least, focusing on the process rather than the outcome. Then we will have all the tools, skills and mindset to lead in our sport and enjoy the engagement with our sport.

This for me is true competitiveness.  Leading whilst accepting and embracing the joy of being in and with a team and all the camaraderie that this entails.

Have a great week competing everyone.

Rev Grace
Sports Mindset Coach