24 March, 2023


The College sailing team had a beautiful weekend on 18 and 19 March at Kingston Beach Sailing Club for the 2023 Mirror State Titles. We registered five boats to sail in the Regatta, which consisted of eight scheduled short-course races across two days. This was the second Regatta for our new boat Flying Flathead, which has been a magnificent addition to our fleet this season.

There were a wide variety of conditions over the weekend, with wind speeds ranging from eight knots to the memorably hectic 20 knots on Saturday afternoon. The shifty winds resulted in many changes to the racecourse, but our sailors showed great flexibility and perseverance despite them and always managed to have fun. We finished the weekend with big smiles, having completed seven races out of the eight planned.

Both Captains are extremely proud of how successful the regatta was. We give the highest praise to all the sailors who attended this year’s State Title and commend the dedication shown by even the youngest of our sailors. Congratulations to Quicksilver’s Angus Paulsen and Millie O’Sign for achieving the ‘Rookie Performance Award’, and further congratulations to Kamikaze’s Sebastian de Vos and Lizzie Moore for their outstanding performance throughout the Regatta. Overall, the weekend was a great learning experience for the sailing team.

On behalf of all of the team, we thank the Kingston Beach Sailing Club for hosting the event and creating a friendly environment. We also would like to show our sincerest appreciation to all the parents who went the extra mile (literally) to travel to Kingston for the State Titles, as well as for all the support they have given to our sailors throughout this season. We are exceedingly grateful to Mr Rob Bastick for his endless efforts to organize the Scotch Oakburn Sailing team this year, going above and beyond to ensure that everyone got the most out of this season. And finally, we extend our most enthusiastic thanks to all the sailors who committed themselves to sailing during this season. This Regatta was a perfect conclusion to the 2022-2023 sailing season, and we wish all those involved in sailing a very relaxing winter. We look forward to seeing everyone in Term 4 in the 2023-2024 season!

Anika Tripathi and Willem de Vos
Sailing Captains