19 August, 2022


We never know when we might face a crisis in our everyday lives. Recently, several Scotch Oakburn staff have stepped up and actively demonstrated our College values when crises unexpectedly occurred in our midst.

There is perhaps no greater example of courage, compassion, commitment, responsibility or respect than stepping up and providing life-saving First Aid and CPR to a stranger. This is the scenario Kim Badcock encountered when enjoying a coffee at neighbouring Clove Café recently. An elderly woman took a turn and Kim immediately jumped into action and sustained her until paramedics arrived. Deb Reynolds and Paul McKendrick assisted with getting the School Defibrillator and a past parent, Mrs Campbell, assisted with maintaining the compressions.

In similar circumstances, Rev Grace calmly provided assistance when a road accident occurred outside the Chapel Gate on Penquite Road this week. Rev Grace was quick to identify the driver was heading into shock and provided support onsite while other staff acted instinctively to get supplies and to aid her support.

I am pleased to advise that, due to the care and diligence of our staff, both patients are recovering.

Ben Marsland
Deputy Principal