25 March, 2022


Recently families would have received an email about the upcoming Student Wellbeing and Engagement Survey. This survey will take place over the coming fortnight across Junior (Years 4 and 5 only), Middle and Senior Schools.

This survey is also used across Department of Education schools in Tasmania and will provide us valuable insights to the wellbeing of students at Scotch Oakburn. This will help us make informed decisions around pastoral and wellbeing structures, interventions, events, and support for all students at Scotch Oakburn.

Importantly, each student’s data is de-identified, meaning students can feel confident about the confidentiality of their individual responses.

Information about the survey has been shared with students at assemblies and support materials will be provided to teachers prior to the survey.

On the day of the survey (Thursday 31 March for Senior School, Thursday 7 April for Middle School and in class over the coming fortnight for Junior School), it is important that students have their device fully charged. Students will need to open their Scotch Oakburn email account to access their individual token to complete the survey. E-Services support will be available on the day.

Students can speak with their mentor or class teacher after completing the survey if they require any additional social and emotional support.

Finally, while we hope all students will participate in the survey, students can opt out or complete only some of the questions on the day.

We look forward to reviewing the results of the survey with our community.

Mr Ben Marsland
Deputy Principal