11 September, 2020


The last few months have been hard on young people. A recent study by UNICEF has shown that navigating the COVID-19 world has increased stress, anxiety and uncertainty among Australia’s young people. They are feeling the effects of the pandemic on their own lives, and are also worried about the impact it is having on vulnerable people around the world. The Ration Challenge gives students the power to do something about it.

Put yourselves in the shoes of a refugee for one week, learn about current global issues, develop empathy for others and feel empowered to make a difference in the world. The Ration Challenge is a powerful, physical learning experience that can be done at home and at school. You will eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee for  3 or 5 days, depending on your age. The money you raise will provide emergency food, hygiene kits and life-saving support for people hit hardest by COVID-19. By sharing your experience, you will help create more empathy and compassion in society.

There has been an excellent fundraising effort so far, but any further contribution from the Scotch Oakburn community would be greatly appreciated.Use this link to the Scotch Oakburn Ration Challenge page to view team members and our current fundraising total.


Alex Phillips & Theo Ives
Round Square Chairs

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