26 October, 2023


It is extremely pleasing to be able to announce the results for the recent Tasmanian Japanese Speech Contest.  There were over 300 contestants competing from around the State.  This enrichment activity gave students an opportunity to use their spoken Japanese skills.

Well done to those students who put their hand up to have a go at this competition.  It is a hard thing to memorise a speech, particularly in a foreign language, but a great challenge.  Please try again next year!

Year 8 students delivered a memorised speech about “My Place – Tasmania”,  Year 9 students delivered a pre-prepared speech, which they constructed themselves, about what they did last Saturday, and Year 10 students prepared answers to about 20 questions.  All students worked hard for this event and perhaps the hardest part was being videoed, as entries were via video.

Year 8 students: Olivia McLeod – Participation

Year 9 students: Makaela Fulton – 3rd Place, Erin Grubert – Honourable Mention, Saffron Dick – Participation, Lucy van der Aa – Participation.

Year 10 students: Elise Kingston – Participation.

Congratulations must go to all participants for their efforts.

Jenny Banbury
Coordinator of Japanese