This term, students were welcomed back to classes on Tuesday 21 July for what has turned out to be the first full term of face to face classes this year. It’s hard to believe but the end of Term 3 has now arrived, in a year that has seemed somewhat surreal in so many ways. The College maintained our mantra of being agile and adaptable to come up with ways to have our usual Term 3 events in a COVID-safe and compliant format. This term:

• We moved to providing information evenings online and continued with P/S/T interviews in this format.
• Students commenced virtual Round Square meetings and Baraza groups via zoom and/or Teams with Round Square schools from around the globe.
• The College hosted two Round Square virtual conferences.
• The Education Outdoors program got back in full swing with Year 8W in Week 2.
• Interschool sport and cultural activities recommenced, to great excitement from students and staff.
• We celebrated National Science week, commencing on Saturday 15 August, with amazing displays, engaging guest speakers and interactive activities throughout the week on both campuses.
• We followed that with Children’s Book Week.
• Interhouse activities recommenced – Penquite House Singing was coordinated in a very altered virtual format and we held Senior School House Athletics in week 10. Unfortunately, scheduled Junior and Middle School Athletics events had to be postponed due to poor weather.
• Virtual Fathers’ Day replaced our usual breakfast gathering, with a video of many beautiful heartfelt sentiments from students.
• The TCE Formal finally happened, including COVID-safe dancing.
• Year 10 Dinner Dance was also held, and it too featured dancing.

As has been the case throughout the year, the students, staff and families all pitched in and made these events happen so that our students could enjoy many of the fun House and co-curricular activities that they look forward to so much.

Recently, College Leadership has been reviewing our COVID-protocols and details of the relaxing of many current restrictions will be emailed to parents prior to the commencement of Term 4.

Also, the College has introduced an Exeat on Friday 30 October, with the only exception being Vacation Care that will remain open. This additional non-school day is in recognition of the wonderful efforts that our staff and students have gone to this year to make the year as positive as it could be. Many members of the school community felt the effects of this extraordinary year towards the end of Term 3 and I am keen to ensure that the College finishes the year strongly, with everyone fit and well. In addition, Term 4 can be an intense time of the year for all and a mid-term break will help recharge the batteries.

In conclusion, I wish you all a safe, relaxing and fun-filled holiday period and I look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 12 October.

Andy Müller