26 February, 2021


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As a College, our ultimate mission is to provide an environment that enables students to thrive so that they are equipped to be active and informed contributors to work, family and community life. In this way, we recognise that education is about the whole person.

Traditionally, educational institutions have reinforced the idea that the measure of student success is based on subject-specific learning outcomes. This could be a particular percentage in a Maths test or a grade on an English essay and, ultimately, the ATAR score achieved at the end of TCE. While these achievements are important and the rigour of specific skills and understandings remains highly valued, we also know that workplaces and universities need more.  In fact, life requires more. The capacity to be, for example, compassionate, curious or innovative is just as important.

To recognise this, the College has identified ten Learner Attributes that will provide a focus for learning. A list of these has been placed in every learning space across the College as we aim for students, parents and our broader community to become more familiar with the language of these attributes and their relevance for student learning.

Over the past few weeks, year level and department teams have begun considering what opportunities there may be for greater recognition of these attributes, both within particular subject areas and also through a trans-disciplinary approach.  This is an exciting shift and one that will lead to a more deliberate and considered recognition of the whole student.

Sarah Lillywhite
Director of Curriculum 6-12


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