28 May, 2021


Since the official launch of SOC2035 this year all curriculum areas at the College have been busy embedding the new Learner Attributes into the delivery of their respective programs; the Languages department is no exception.

To increase our own understanding and to engage with the new Scotch Oakburn College Learner Attributes, the first step the Languages department undertook was to translate the ten attributes into the three languages taught at the College. In the future, there are more ambitious plans to translate them into the array of ever-increasing languages spoken and used at home within the Scotch Oakburn community. I wonder how many words and phrases you recognise from the current translated lists?

A big thank you to the teachers of Languages for their expert translations and their continued dedicated work at the College. Their important role in the crucial education of students in both learning languages, and the associated intercultural understanding that comes along with it, is vital to prepare our students who are increasingly expected to deal with the challenges, and opportunities, of an international and interconnected world.

Leigh Cordell
Head of Languages

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