A reminder of the new online ordering platform for the College tuckshops via My School Connect.

Thus far around half of our parent community have registered with My School Connect, with the tuckshops open and now providing lunches to students that have pre-booked their lunch via the ordering platform. Please note that, as part of our COVID management strategies, lunches are delivered to collection points for students rather than all students converging on the tuckshop.

I’d like to thank the College implementation team that has worked hard over past weeks to provide this new service to families to assist with opening the tuckshops in a COVID-safe manner as soon as possible. Once we have ‘bedded down’ the online ordering platform, we will be looking over the latter part of this year to expand these services to include over the counter cashless sales at the tuckshops (subject to COVID restrictions) and online ordering from the College Uniform Shop.

Thank you to families that have engaged with this system over the course of the past week. As with any new system, we are working hard to address any implementation issues you may have, and our team is here to assist you. Below are some common questions that have arisen over the course of this implementation week for the information of parents and carers:

Q: Can I have more than one My School Connect account per family 
A: The system is initially designed for one My School Connect account per family, with multiple students then linked to this primary account. In special circumstances, if you require more than one primary My School Connect account per family, please contact servicedesk@soc.tas.edu.au for assistance.

Q: I did not receive the email activation link? 
A: The activation email was sent to one listed parent on your school account due to the initial set-up of one My School Connect account per family. The email address linked to your account can be changed as per your preference. Once the account is activated you can go to “My Account Information” and change the email address to any email address that you would prefer. If you are unable to still locate the activation email, contact us via: servicedesk@soc.tas.edu.au

Q: Can my child order for themselves? 
A: Yes. You can enable your child to order for themselves in student settings. This will give them their own username and password to login and order. Payment will be debited from the primary account. You can also set limits on how much they can spend. You will receive email confirmation of the activity.

Q: How does my child collect their lunch 
A: At Elphin, orders will be delivered directly to classrooms. At Penquite, lunch orders will be delivered to pre-identified locations for each year level for collection

Q: When is the order ‘cut off’ time? 
A: Ordering can be made until 9:30 the morning of the order at Penquite, and up until 9am at Elphin.

Q: What payment options can I use? 
A: Your account will accept all major credit cards (1.9% surcharge) and direct deposit transfers (zero fees), depending on your banking institution, transfers can be immediate or can take up to 5 days. You can top up your account at any time!

Calton Frame
Business Manager