3 June, 2022


This week marks the start of Pride Month in Australia and in support of the College’s Diversity Group we will be raising the Vecchietti Progress Flag daily between Monday 6 and Friday 10 June. To learn more about the Vecchietti Progress Flag click here.

The College’s Diversity Group is a group consisting of LGBTQI+ individuals, neurodivergent individuals and allies of both. The group’s purpose is to help support minority groups within the College community, both with personal/social support and by taking larger actions to help the school’s inclusivity. They want everyone to feel comfortable.

We hope by flying the flag next week we send a message to those who need it. Equality at our school is not negotiable – we believe every student at our College, without exception, deserves to feel safe, supported and equal.

I am really proud of this group for enacting our College values.

Andy Müller