Virtual Round Square Conference


12 June, 2020


Students aged 10-12 Years from eight Round Square schools, who were due to visit Prem School in Thailand in April of this year, gathered together on a virtual conference call hosted by the Round Square Ambassadors who had planned the original conference.

The Year 6 students who took part from Scotch Oakburn College were Abhinav Sundaram, James Walker, Surya Koirala, Gemma Hodgetts, Lucy van der Aa, Makaela Fulton, Gabrielle Birrell, Georgette Wilks, Amelie Djatschenko and Abbi Lloyd-Bostock.

Deputy Principal of Prem School, Simi Shah and her team of Year 11 student leaders, engaged with over 50 Year 5/6 students for over an hour and the feedback is that everybody really enjoyed the experience.

Students from the following schools took part:

Woodleigh School, Australia
Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Thailand
Okinawa Amicus, Japan
Mayo College, India
Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, Australia
Bishop Druitt College, Australia
Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar, Australia
Scotch Oakburn College, Australia.

Prem Ambassadors representing each IDEAL introduced themselves and explained their passion for the IDEAL that they are linked to. The students were then divided into breakout spaces (virtually through the Zoom platform) and played icebreaker games with one of the leaders. Following this everybody returned to the main group for a presentation about the theme “Taking Action to Create a Sustainable Future”. The Prem Ambassadors presented together and shared some important messages with the audience. Some of those messages included:

“The actions we take for our sustainable future require many small efforts on the part of everybody”

“We make a choice to be involved – but remember that every action has an effect”

“We must act now – so Just Do It”

Following the presentation students were again split into breakout spaces and then everybody had an opportunity to contribute to the discussion and provide their opinion. This is the part of the experience that the younger students really enjoyed as they felt they were really part of the discussion and were being listened to.

Students have now been asked to film a 20-second video introducing themselves and to upload this on to a YouTube channel. In addition, each school will prepare a presentation on the theme of the collaboration and upload that to the same channel. Once everyone has had an opportunity to view the various presentations a second Zoom call will take place during which discussions will continue, led by the Prem School student leaders. This will take place in late August when Prem School returns after the summer holidays.

Well done to the Scotch Oakburn delegation for taking part and engaging so well with the process.

Stuart Walls
Round Square Representative

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