12 August, 2022


This week is National Student Volunteer Week.  This year’s theme, ‘Passion. Opportunity. Change.’ explores how students can realise their dreams and create change across the world…and it all starts with the act of giving their time to a cause they believe in.

National Student Volunteer Week gives students the opportunity to lead others in connecting to their community and offering kindness. Students explore the personal and professional benefits of volunteering, which include valuable work experience, enhanced feelings of self-worth, refinement of values, increased understanding of people, local and global issues, and reduced social isolation. National Student Volunteer Week also recognises the College Learner Attributes of Collaboration, encompassing ideas, enthusiasm and creativity, Compassion and Courage, that young people contribute through volunteering.

As we recognise National Student Volunteer Week, we celebrate the many ways our students volunteer their time towards creating change for the betterment of all.  Throughout the year, led by the Student Executive, Scotch Oakburn students have consistently volunteered to raise awareness of issues inherent in the wider community. These include, but are not exclusive to, Shorts Day for Speak Up Stay Chatty, Blue Tree Project for Mental Health, World’s Greatest Shave for The Leukemia Foundation, The Big Freeze and Beanie Day for MND awareness and Pyjama Day for children in foster care.

Over the past two weeks, our Year 12 Student Executive has been working tirelessly to organise the Year 12 Salvos Sleepout to create awareness of, and raise money for, homelessness. The Year 12 cohort has volunteered to ‘sleep rough’ on Friday 12 August to emulate the plight of the homeless in Tasmania with a view to raising $10,000.00 to be contributed to The Salvation Army’s initiatives towards addressing homelessness.

The theme, ‘Passion. Opportunity. Change.’ has been, and continues to be, espoused by our students; passionate students demonstrating leadership, whilst creating an awareness of the need for change, with a view to providing opportunities to make a difference to those most vulnerable.

Jane Gregg
Acting Head of Senior School