“What does courage mean to you?” is the question asked of Middle School students this past week, as new beginnings and new opportunities were presented, reflected on and explored.

All of our Middle School students have engaged in new subjects, new classes, new peer groups, new learning spaces, and for some, it has even meant a new school. Courage has needed to be evident as students have navigated many changes, stepping outside of their comfort zones and rising to the new experiences and challenges that new beginnings offer.


“How do we foster connections with each other?” is a question that encourages cross-campus activities at Penquite. Earlier this week our Year 7 students engaged in House team-building activities run by our Year 12 students, as part of the Year 12’s Leadership Day, while our Year 6 students have also been fortunate to engage in cross-campus activities and fun during the Year 10 Leadership Day.


“Which opportunities are you going to say ‘Yes!’ to?” Our Middle School students continue to find many opportunities for classroom learning, experiential learning and co-curricular activities. This week our Public Speaking meetings commenced, and students were able to audition for the Middle School Production “James and the Giant Peach.” Students also organised their events for next Friday’s House Athletics, and our Years 7 and 8 students attended the first meetings for their summer co-curricular sport.

Next week, our Year 6 students embark on their first camp at Middle School when they head down to the Fingal Valley Campus for four days of tenting, raft building, bushwalking and surfing – a wonderful week of exploring opportunities.


Kiran Oates Pryor
Head of Middle School