Welcome to Term 3 – closer to normal


24 July, 2020


Welcome to Term 3 and I hope that everyone in our community had a restful, relaxing and rewarding break.

As we look to the term ahead, we find ourselves in an enviable position of being able to resume many of the regular activities on our calendar, in one form or another. We will have to modify some aspects of different events, but our approach of ‘postponing’ events rather than cancelling them has allowed for numerous events to be rescheduled and prepared for. Things such as larger House meetings, Junior School Cross-country, Inter-school Sport, House Singing and Education Outdoors camps. All these will go ahead with appropriate protocols in place.

In addition, some events will have significant modifications, as occurred with Mothers’ Day in Term 2. Events such as 100 Days of Prep, Fathers’ Day and many of our end of year Graduation events will all be modified, assuming COVID-protocols in one form or another remain in place.

Given sporting events are returning, I take this opportunity to remind everyone that there is a new entrance to Scotch Oakburn Park, at the bottom of Queechy Hill, immediately after the last house on the left as you drive towards Norwood. At the time of writing, the College has not yet received Council approval to erect a sign at the entrance, which makes things less than ideal. We will get that done as soon as possible.

Also, with regard to Scotch Oakburn Park, we are allowed a maximum of 500 people at the facility and the name and contact details of everyone who enters the Park will be taken before crossing the bridge.

The disruption that COVID-19 caused has provided the opportunity for us to stop, take a step back, look at things afresh and assess what we learned from the experience. We have asked ourselves questions such as: what will we keep doing, what will we stop doing that we used to do, and what new opportunities have we been presented with that we may take advantage of?

One change that has proven positive, is video and webinar presentations. The attendance by parents and students at these events has seen an increase compared to traditional ‘in-person’ information evenings and the like. For example, next week’s TCE 2021 Information evening is being presented online on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Communication has already been sent to all parents in Years 10 and 11, detailing how to access the events and specific timings.

I wish you all the best for the term ahead and look forward to seeing our students in a host of activities where I will no doubt speak to many of you.

Andy Müller

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