21 October, 2022


Welcome to Term 4 and a special warm welcome to those families who are new to the College this Term, I look forward to your involvement in the life of Scotch Oakburn. I hope that all those who took the Term break had a relaxing time and feel refreshed and ready for the Term ahead.

Term 4 always seems to fly by as we commence our end of year events with the farewelling our Year 12 students. The Senior School moves into exam mode for the Year 10 and TCE students, and final tests for Year 9s.

There is never a dull moment in Term 4 as indicated by the following: a Lego Competition; Prep and Year 1 Sports mornings; the NJISSA Primary Athletics Competition; Education Outdoors for Prep, Year 2 and 3; Year 5 transition days to the Middle School; Year 4 Leadership Day; Junior School Parent Information evenings; Year 6 Civics Excursion to Hobart; State Chess Championship; Grandparents’ and Friends’ Days; Work Experience and Education Outdoors for Year 10; Orientation Day for Junior and Middle School students who will be new to the College in 2023; Year 6 ‘Step Up’ day; Vibes – our community music event; basketball tournaments for Year 3 to 10 students; Year 9 Futures, Community Service and Education Outdoors Programs; and Headstart to TCE for our current Year 10 and 11 students (and new 2023 TCE students).

In early December final assemblies are held for our Year 5 and Year 8 students finishing their Junior and Middle School journeys, respectively. We get to enjoy an evening of Christmas Carols at Elphin, hold the final Year 9 and 10 assembly and ultimately Celebration.

Thank you in advance and all the very best to everyone who is involved in any and all of those activities, by way of organising or participating.

Finally, as I read the news each day I am confronted by the deeply concerning information being presented; from the war in Ukraine, droughts throughout Europe, drenching weather and floods across eastern Australia, to worrying articles about the state of education and student achievement in Australia. As a counter to those stories, when I take the time to stop and look around and soak in where we are and what we have, I am grateful that we live and work in such a wonderful part of the world.

I wish you all the best for the Term ahead and as it progresses, look forward to celebrating all that has been achieved throughout 2022.

Andy Müller