30 June, 2022


Once again, with past staff member and Collegian Jenny Fraser OAM (’74) leading the charge, the state final of Rostrum Voice of Youth was held here at Scotch Oakburn College on Saturday 25 June.

Collegians Dean Power (’21), 2020 state winner, and Jack Oates Pryor (’21), 2021 state winner, were invited to return to help adjudicate proceedings, which was highly appreciated by our younger students. A representation of over eleven schools around the state all met and delivered some exceptional speeches.  James Walker, our Year 8 student, did us proud! Rostrum has long recognised that effective communication is important and encourages all students to share their views on their world.

We sincerely thank both Jenny and Rod Fraser OAM (’74)  for their unrelenting support of the program and of our school.

Katie Lester
Person-in-Charge of Public Speaking