24 September, 2021


Each term has its own pace and rhythm, with this term’s activities being focused on Winter sport, STEAM+ in Year 10, National Science Week and Children’s Book Week, Digital Technologies Expo, Cows Create Careers in Year 8, Education Outdoors Programs, EY8, 9 Alive, TCE Deadlines, Spring Concert, and of course Shrek, the Musical.

We’ve also recognised and celebrated some wonderful achievements and important social issues: our first group of Alliance Francaise competitors, Maths relay success, intra and inter-school Public Speaking and Debating, Reconciliation Chapel Service, Diversity Day and the Tamar Valley Peace Festival. That is just some of the many activities that have occurred beyond the routine learning and is an impressive list of activities and events.

I want to thank the many, many staff who have enabled our students to enjoy their involvement in this array of experiences.

The events and activities listed above are part of our commitment to a holistic education, the long-term benefits of which are invaluable for our students and often hard to measure, especially in the short-term.

Once again, thank you for another wonderful term.

Andy Müller

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