Year 7 Dean and Nance Education Outdoors


26 March, 2020


Year 7 Dean and Nance students received a special delivery from the Education Outdoors team on Monday to help encourage them to connect with their new house friends and their local outdoor environments. The bags contained corn that was planted by last years Year 3 students at the Valley Campus, a small set of vegetable seeds, some rope for a knot tying activity and Masterchef recipe cards to give students the cooking experience they would have completed on their Education Outdoors trip.

The students had the opportunity to complete these tasks that did not involve time in front of a computer and some used their inventiveness to create even more magical moments. It was great to see so many students taking the opportunity to camp in their back yards and have a different, possibly more challenging sleeping experience, helping them connect with their natural world.

Mark Munnings
Director of Education Outdoors and Sustainability





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