9 September, 2022


James Walker wins!


There’s a lot happening in our Public Speaking world!  Congratulations to James Walker (Year 8) on winning the Junior Foundation Oratory last Friday 2 September in the Horton Auditorium.

His speech on football coaches and the huge responsibilities dumped onto their shoulders by the media struck a chord with the audience. Warm congratulations to Gina Kumar (Year 7), Maddie Hassell (Year 8) and Iona Hamilton (Year 9) for their courageous efforts also. Special thanks to Hamish Fyffe (Year 11) for being MC, Ms Helen Dosser and her team for adjudicating and Lottie Cooke (Year 6 )for her fabulous singing.

We are now looking forward to supporting the Junior School’s Lions Public Speaking Competition this Friday and the Senior Foundation Oratory on Friday 16 September.  Stay tuned!

Katie Lester 
Person-in-Charge of Public Speaking