Independent Schools Expo

Tailrace Centre 1 Waterfront Drive, Riverside, Tasmania, Australia

Senior students and their parents are encouraged to attend the Independent Schools Expo.

Fathers’ Day Breakfast

Elphin Campus 74 Elphin Road, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

We invite fathers or a supportive figure in our students' lives to celebrate Fathers' Day with breakfast at our Elphin Campus. Book here   Please remember to book for your child/ren who will be attending. For more information, please contact our Marketing and Community team on 6336 3352 or

Perth Reunion

Adnate Hotel 900 Hay Street, Perth, WA, Australia

We are coming to Perth and would be delighted if Scotch Oakburn College, Methodist Ladies' College, Oakburn College and Scotch College Collegians living in Perth could join us.