Beyond the imposed academic curriculum there are a whole host of opportunities that fall generally under the banner of Co-curricular and provide for the vast interests of our students. These activities, events, competitions and groups allow students to explore areas in which they have a talent, a passion for or are simply inquisitive about. Therein, lies the opportunity for students to extend their understanding, knowledge and skills and so enrich their learning, social inclusion and sense of belonging whilst growing confidence and abilities that can be applied to all manner of scenarios.

We offer a wide range of co-curricular opportunities.

Here are just a few examples.


Our Education Outdoors program is an integral part of the Scotch Oakburn curriculum and provides unique opportunities and experiences for all students from Early Learning through to Year 12.

Education Outdoors links the classroom curriculum to the outdoors, and allows students to learn through practical experience, reflection, and discussion. Students are challenged to engage in environmentally-sustainable living practices and to develop key personal and social competencies. The program provides appropriate levels of challenge and complexity for every year level that requires students to be resilient, creative, organised, and resourceful; and it develops the skills required to live harmoniously and sustainably in a dynamic world.

The Junior School programs are appropriate to each year level and build on the learning that takes place in the classroom. Students develop their skills, knowledge, and experience in terms of minimal-impact practices, bushcraft, camp cooking, camping, team work, bushwalking, canoeing, navigation, environmental awareness, and sustainable living practices.

Early Learning

Early Learning Elphin (3-year-olds) has an intensive program that focuses on learning through outdoor play. The Education Outdoor experiences at Scotch Oakburn College build on this outdoor play and adds a taste of what some of the future Education Outdoors possibilities might involve in the nature play experience. The program focuses on nature play-based learning with a series of fun, interactive activities led by the Education Outdoors team in conjunction with class teachers. Parents are encouraged to be involved in sharing the excitement and learning with their child.

Early Learning Erina (4-year-olds) enjoy Bush Learning in the College Wetlands. Students enjoy exploring the nature and animals that live in the Wetlands, while providing an opportunity for students and parents to share time in nature together.  Learning experiences will include exploring the wetlands, cooking marshmallows on an open fire, social interactions through fun activities and making connections in the outdoors to their learning, skills, and overall understanding.

Prep Wetlands Explorers

Prep students are involved in an enjoyable one-day program at the Scotch Oakburn Park Wetlands. They are guided through an adventurous day looking at the change in environment, seasons and habitats. Students spend a day of investigations and discovery in the waterways, the grounds and the skies exploring interactive, nature-based activities through play. They learn to look after all of their own belongings and their personal protection whilst being in an outdoor environment.

Year 1 Season Seekers

The Year 1 ‘Season Seekers’ Program consists of a one-day field trip to the Scotch Oakburn Education Outdoors and Environmental Centre, at the Valley Campus.

The Learner Attributes of Curiosity, Collaboration and Self-regulation are encouraged and promoted throughout the program.

Students explore and take part in outdoor learning activities such as environmental games and exploring the Valley Campus natural environment, exploring the Veggie Garden to understand the role worms play in the process of composting, the seasonal cycles of produce, including a variety of apples, working together to plant seedlings, understanding the seasons and exploring how seasons affect plants, trees, and leaves, Bush Art, collecting, exploring, and investigating aquatic life in ponds and much more.

Year 2 2gether

Students explore what it means to work well in a team and to form a healthy, functioning social group. They are introduced to some basic  Outdoor skills and spend their first night sleeping over on a school program in the familiar space of the College oval.  develop some basic Education Outdoors skills such as bushwalking, water safety, and learning about our surrounding environment. The program will focus on developing co-operation and teamwork skills.

Year 3 A Sense of Place

A sense of place is designed to establish and foster a connection for Year 3 students to the Valley Campus. It is the student’s first overnight residential experience.

Students develop greater confidence to explore a range of activities in nature. They observe plants and animals in their natural habitat and learn about alternative cultural ways of knowing and understanding nature, including Tasmanian Aboriginal perspectives of landscape and sustainability.

Through experiential learning, students identify healthy foods that support outdoor activity and develop greater self-reliance and stronger decision-making regarding personal health and safety.

Students exercise personal responsibility through participation in group tasks that provide basic human needs such as food, shelter, and hygiene.

Year 4 Forest Dwellers

The Forest Dwellers program focuses on increasing the independence skills of students in a Forest Environment. Students in Year 4 participate in a three-day Education Outdoors program in and around the forests of the Fingal Valley. The program introduces students to a number of additional Education Outdoors skills including fire lighting, tent setting and simple day walk preparation. Students explore the forest environment through play, art activities,  investigations and guided exploration. Throughout all experiential learning activities, students embrace concepts of diversity and minimal impact while developing and implementing Learner Attributes of Collaboration, Curiosity, Inclusivity and Self-regulation.

Year 5 Adventurers and Trekkers

Adventurers & Trekkers is a four-day Education Outdoors program based at the Valley Campus. Students take greater responsibility for their own well-being and participate in a variety of adventure and challenge activities including elements of the high ropes course, low ropes team building and group problem solving, bush cooking and bushcraft, landscape art, water activities and land care projects.  They make decisions and take on leadership roles within various group tasks throughout. Students rotate around three different campsites in and around the Valley Campus property, sleeping in tents and cabins.

Education Outdoors in the Middle School expands and extends the challenges presented to students in previous years. The programs continue to foster skill development, experience, and knowledge with regard to the environment, sustainability, adventure, community living, and personal development.

Year 6 Coastal Explorers

The Year 6 Coastal Explorers program offers students the opportunity to experience a challenging four-day program based at our Valley Campus.

The concept of ‘Belonging’ is a key focus as students consider diversity and engage in many varied group activities that promote positive relationships and identity, and builds connections to self, others and the environment.

Students learn the importance of ecological well-being to foster human well-being and take action to contribute to this process.  They explore the impact of human activities on the natural environments and investigate personal and community strategies to minimise these impacts.

Students take greater responsibility for their own well-being and participate in a variety of adventure and challenge activities including team building and group problem solving, canoeing, surfing and a coastal hike, bush cooking, landscape art and land care projects.  They make decisions and take on leadership roles within various group tasks throughout.

Class groups rotate around three different campsites in and around the Valley Campus sleeping in both tents and cabins.

Year 7 Valley Life

‘Valley Life’ is based in and around our Valley Campus. Half of this program is a ‘survival’ themed expedition in nature surrounding the Valley Campus. There is a focus on the moving water of the South Esk River where students take part in bushwalking, raft-building, fire-lighting, survival shelter-building, group safety & decision-making, food preparation, campfire cooking, and sleeping in tents and survival shelters.

They develop greater self-responsibility, skills, and knowledge to undertake more extended journeys in natural environments. They focus on skills of interdependence within the group, gain higher competencies and a greater capacity for endurance.

Students learn about minimal-impact practices for activities and journeys in natural environments and develop a deeper understanding of seasons, climate, growth, and landscape. They use self-regulation to engage safely, with agility and adaptability, in the elements of the environment and nature.

The other half of the program is based at the Valley Campus cabins where students undertake activities such as canoeing on the campus lake, high and low ropes challenge courses, community service, Indigenous and environmental education, team building games, and initiative activities.

Year 8 Odyssey

Year 8 ‘Odyssey’ explores the Learner Attributes of Effective Communication, Collaboration and Curiosity. Students spend five days at both the Valley Campus and neighbouring Aberfoyle property. The attributes are explored and developed through an adventurous journey experience while living as a small sustainable community. Students are asked to rate themselves against a rubric before and after the program. They are also invited to set themselves a goal for the week in each of the attribute areas.

These programs take students to remote locations that that naturally offer a more challenging experience. It is in these remote program environments that foster learning outcomes relating to independence, co-dependence, trust, resilience, perseverance, community living, personal growth, increases self-esteem and confidence and a greater perception of one’s own abilities.

Year 9 Alive

Year 9 students are involved in the “Our Land, Our Future” program which aims to increase student awareness of the importance of healthy, resilient and productive farms, ecosystems, communities and societies.  They undertake four field trip days that are linked to the Science and Humanities curriculums and seek to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved in meeting the food and resource needs of an ever-increasing global population while maintaining the stability and integrity of ecosystems and the processes that support life on our planet.

Year 9 Aurora

The Year 9 Education Outdoors ‘Aurora – Bush walking Program’ offers students a chance to grow in their independent expedition planning and preparation skills. Students lead the decision-making process, manage their food and take on leadership roles in their bushwalking group.  Students will select a level of challenge and will then be allocated to a walk based on their challenge level preference. The walk will take place on the Freycinet Peninsula, Chudleigh and Meander.

Year 10 Pinnacle

The Year 10 ‘Pinnacle’ experience allows all Year 10 students the opportunity to select and be actively involved in all aspects of their expedition throughout Tasmania. Activities include white water rafting, rock climbing, white water kayaking, survival camp, bushwalking in the Fingal Valley and rock climbing.

Students are involved in two days of preparation and packing for their various activities prior to executing a five-day trip in Term 2 or Term 4.

Year 10 Leaders Program

Selected students from Year 10 who have volunteered to be a Year 10 Leader act as group leaders on a variety of Education Outdoors programs.  This is an opportunity for Year 10 students to further develop leadership skills and refine other areas of personal growth, and assist other younger students from Early Learning to Year 8.

TCE Outdoor Leadership

TCE Outdoor Leadership prepares learners for a wide range of future study and vocational destinations by developing transferable leadership skills including communication and conflict resolution, that can be taken into everyday life and the work environment to foster active citizenship and make contributions to the wider community.

There are three overnight camping components to the course. These happen in each of the first three terms of the year. Two of the programs involve one night away and the other is two nights away. There is also an independent Outdoor Education experience that students need to organise and run as a part of their assessment.


Our stimulating visual arts program begins in the Junior School and develops through the Middle School and Senior School level to provide an enormous range of options for student involvement, through painting, ceramics, photography, print-making and sculpture.

The Senior Visual Art Department features a photographic darkroom, a ceramics area with wheels and kiln, individual studio spaces for TCE students, a small computer lab with laptop trolleys, a photographic studio with backdrops and studio lighting, as well as a full range of artists tools and equipment.  It also hosts a smaller version of the  College s.p.a.c.e gallery, that showcases student work and houses our Artists in Residence. All with incredibly inspiring views of the Scotch Oakburn Park and the Wetlands.

Our Artist in Residence program provides opportunities for students to learn and be inspired by artists in the community and there are many opportunities to be involved in competitions and community art programs.  Scholarships relating to visual arts are also available.


Scotch Oakburn College has a fine reputation for providing learning opportunities in The Arts. From Early Learning to Year 12, our focus is on practical experience.


Students in the Junior School, Middle School and Senior School have the opportunity to participate in drama and musical productions. Students’ interests in acting, production and backstage work are all catered for when putting together College productions, allowing students the practical experience of performing and being involved.


Music plays an indispensable role in College life, with extensive choral, instrumental and ensemble programs, including many opportunities for live performances. In addition to core curriculum Music, students can learn from 25 instruments on campus, and choose to join choirs, ensembles and bands.

We welcome students from all cultural and musical backgrounds to take part and share their musical journey together with us. The Music Program offers an extensive range of opportunities to each student which allows them to participate and develop their potential to the highest order.

Students have many opportunities to perform throughout the year as a member of our many String Orchestras, Concert Bands, Stage Bands and extensive choral program. We also have various chamber and contemporary music groups including: String Quartets, Brass Ensembles, Flute Ensemble and Jazz and Vocal ensembles.

The Music Faculty is an experienced and dedicated team that shares their enthusiasm, passion and expertise with students. You are warmly invited to join us.


Scotch Oakburn College has a proud sporting tradition.

The ´Jewel in the Crown´ of our sporting program, available to Junior School, Middle School and Senior School students, is Scotch Oakburn Park – a spectacular sporting facility, and one of the finest complexes in Tasmania.

With most of our staff involved as coaches in the sporting program, a strong bond develops between staff and students on the sporting field. This carries over into the classroom. In addition, professional coaches are employed to add to the learning experience in the Middle School and Senior School.

Our sporting program, which starts in the Junior School and continues through the College, allows students to develop a higher self esteem and a love of healthy recreation. By participating in sport, students establish lasting friendships and acquire an understanding of the importance of working as a team.

Students are encouraged to choose a sport that they will enjoy. Summer and winter team sports begin in Year 7. Summer sports include rowing, sailing, cricket, equestrian, softball, swimming, basketball, table tennis and tennis. Winter options include hockey, netball, Australian Rules Football, badminton and soccer. Students participate in a summer and winter sport, in addition to the cross country, swimming and athletics carnivals.

A wide range of teams offer opportunities for girls and boys to participate at a level that they will find both challenging and rewarding.


Extension and enrichment practices are naturally incorporated into all academic pathways at Scotch Oakburn College and in particular through integrated learning programs designed to engage young learners both in and out of the classroom; however, in addition, the College has a plethora of opportunities for any students wishing to further explore a field of interest, or be challenged to a deeper level of understanding. The offerings are broad, aimed to meet the special interests of all our students, with particular reference to stimulating academic, intellectual, social and spiritual development. Getting involved in extension and enrichment activities is a wonderful way to extend learning strategies and understanding, grow skills, and build confidence.

The Scotch Oakburn College Extension and Enrichment Program itself works as an adjunct to the Academic and Co-curricular programs and speaks to the College’s Mission ‘to provide an exceptional, holistic education that enables every student to maximize their potential’. The transferable skills and general capabilities that our students develop through participation in these activities greatly reward their efforts across all curriculum, learning and social arenas throughout their education.

With a comprehensive and wide-ranging list of more than 160 options, Extension and Enrichment at Scotch Oakburn includes such opportunities as robotics, performing arts, public speaking, creative writing, leadership, mathematics and science, international service trips, makers group, music, sports competitions and much, much more!

ANZAC Day March
Art Club – Elphin Art Studio
ARTStart Creative Design
Basketball Classics
Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge.
Biggest Morning Tea
Book Week
Bush Kinder at the Wetlands, Claremont Garden and Scotch Oakburn Park
Chess Club and Interschool Chess
Chinese Language Extension
Choir Collaboration with East Coast
Choirs, JS Bands and Ensembles
conneXions 21st Century Literacy Program: Author and Illustrator Visits
Creative Writing Competitions
Cross Country Running Series
Debating – Virtual Interschool Debating Series
Digital Workshops
Fathers’ Day Breakfast
Field Trips
Grandparents’ Day
Home and School Community Partnership
Inside Out ARTStart Exhibition at QVMAG
International Competition Assessment for Schools
IPSHA Leadership Day
Landscape Drawing – Glover Exhibition
Launceston Competitions
Learning In The Dark Program
Lego Brixhibition
Maths Enrichment
Maths Olympiad
Maths Relays
Mothers’ Day Morning Tea
National Simultaneous Storytime
Outdoor Education Program
Public Speaking
Readers Cup
Robotics and Coding Program
Round Square IDEALS Groups (Internationalism/Democracy/Environment/Adventure/Leadership/Service)
Round Square Conferences
Science Week
Summer and Winter Sport Gala Days
Tasmanian Science Talent Search
Tournament of Minds
Trout Fishing Competition
Visiting Scientists to conneXions
Walking School Bus
Year 3 Road Safety and Bike Education
Year 4/5 Sport
Year 5 Peer Leaders Program
ANZAC Day March
Artist in Residence
Australasian problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad
Café8 International Food Days
Chess Club and Interschool Chess
Choirs, MS Bands and Ensembles
Cows Create Careers
Creative Writing Competitions
Da Vinci Decathlon
Environment and US Photographic Competition
Fathers’ Day Breakfast
Fitness Centre Program
Fred French Nursing Home Visits
Inspire Year 8 (IY8) Green
Internal Mathematics Competitions
International Competition Assessment for Schools
Intra-House Competitions (Debating/Music/Spirit/Talent Quest/Athletics/Swimming/Cross Country)
Launceston Competitions
Lego Robotics and Coding
Library Monitor
Makers Group
Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians Enrichment Stage
Mathematics Problem Competition
Maths Club
Middle School Arts Evening
Middle School Leadership
Middle School Play
Outdoor Education Program
Primary Research Project
Public Speaking (Parliamentary Shield, Lion Youth of Year and Rostrum Voice of Youth)
Quest Through The Ages Integrated Studies
Reader’s Cup
Round Square Conferences
Round Square Exchanges
Round Square IDEALS Groups (Internationalism/Democracy/Environment/Adventure/Leadership/Service)
Year 8 SOC to City
Science Week
State Mathematics Relay
StartSmart Sessions in Financial Literacy
Time and Space Evenings (Mother/Son, Father/Daughter)
Tournament of Minds
Wellbeing Seminars, Guest Speakers and Programs
Year 8 Amazing Race
Year 8 Leadership Day
Year 8 SOC to City Program
ANZAC Day March and Speech
Artist In Residence
Chess Club and Interschool Chess
Choirs, SS Bands and Ensembles
Clean Up Australia Day
Climate Leaders Conference
College Program
Creative Writing Competition
Duke of Edinburgh Awards
Environment and Us Photographic Competition
Fathers’ Day Breakfast
Fitness Centre
Frank McDonald Memorial Prize
French Trip
High Achiever Program
History Trip
Human Powered Vehicle
Information Literacy
International Competition Assessment for Schools
Intra-House Competitions in Debating, Music, Spirit, Talent Quest, Athletics, Swimming & Cross Country
Japan Trip
Launceston Competitions
Lincoln Land The Trip Competition
ML Urquhart Competition
Mathematical Problem Competition
Makers Group
Mentor Program
National Merino Challenge
National Titration Competition
National Mathematics Summer School
Outdoor Education Program
Public Speaking (Parliamentary Shield, Lion Youth of Year and Rostrum Voice of Youth)
Reader’s Cup
Round Square Conferences
Round Square Exchanges
Senior School School Play Production
Scholars’ Concert
Ski Trip
South Africa Service Trip
Sporting Tours – Interstate and International
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Master Classes
Tournament of Minds
UTAS Future Moves
Wellbeing Seminars, Guest Speakers and Programs
9Alive Program
9Alive Futures Program
Year 9 Community Service Program
Year 9 Integrated Learning Week
Year 9 Southern Experience
Year 9 Try a Skill
Year 9 UTAS Careers Day
Year 10 Acting Student Leaders
Year 10 Dinner Committee
Year 10 Leaders Outdoor Education Program
Year 10 Pathway Planning
Year 10 Work Experience
Year 11 Leadership Day
Year 11 Pathway Planning
Year 12 Futures Meetings
Year 12 Leadership Day
Year 12 Seniors’ Committee
Year 12 Student Executive