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In Year 7, students embark on  a year of discovery, exploring, experimenting and evaluating a host of interdisciplinary projects, problems and scenarios. This simply means their learning takes them on a cross-functional journey, touching many areas of the curriculum allowing them to think creatively, solve problems collaboratively, articulate ideas with courage and live with passion.


We give students the courage to discover themselves.

Scotch Oakburn College students are continually challenging themselves, bouncing back when they fail, discovering their passions, developing confidence and finding their moment to shine.

At Scotch Oakburn College you power your world. You are the explorer, there are no limits on what you can achieve


In Year 7 one in every four students are new to the College. One of the biggest concerns for new students at any school can be, “Am I going to make friends and fit in? Am I going to belong?”. Within the few first weeks at Scotch Oakburn College, what our students very quickly realise is, that they are able to say,I belong”. 

 They can say “I belong” when they have their Orientation day. They say,I made new friends with some people in my House on Ed Outdoors camp”. They say, “I am friends with the older students in my tutor group and they look out for me”. They say,People in my House were cheering loudly for me at the Swimming Carnival, even people that didn’t really know me”,  “I worked in a team with others on SOC2City, and now we are friends”; “In class, someone didn’t understand what to do, and I understood, so I helped them with their learning”. 

Our Year 7s know and feel that they are part of a community because their teachers know their names, because the grounds staff smile and say hello as they’re walking to their next class, because the teacher aides encourage and support them, because the reception staff help them find resources they need. 

Our Year 7s are part of a strong community at Scotch Oakburn College and they know that they belong. 


SOC2City is an innovative, interdisciplinary learning journey for our Year 7 Explorers. Based primarily off-campus, it provides a practical, real-life learning experience that knows no bounds. Of course, it incorporates all the essential aspects of Year 7 learning plus a whole lot more.

Students set off on a journey of discovery around the Launceston CBD, thinking creatively, seeking spaces for redevelopment and renewal. Working collaboratively, our explorers are challenged to decide how they can influence and improve the liveability of our city, positively impacting Launceston as a city of the future and the world as a better place to live.


In Year 7, all students get the opportunity to play The World Peace Game.

The World Peace Game is a hands-on political simulation that gives players the opportunity to explore the connectedness of the global community through the lens of the economic, social and environmental crises.

The goal of the game is to extricate each country from dangerous circumstances and achieve global prosperity. As ‘nation teams’, students will gain an understanding of the critical impact of information and how it is used.

Beliefs and Values will evolve as our explorers begin to experience the positive impact and windows of opportunity that emerge through effective collaboration and communication.

World Peace Game players will learn to live and work comfortably at the frontiers of the unknown.

We are the only school in Tasmania certified to play this international game.


Year 7 builds strong foundations in a dynamic year of learning.

It is a period of significant growth and development for children, and an important focus is building and maintaining a solid foundation of good habits, attitudes and behaviours that will enable them to thrive.

In Year 7, students have a home base classroom with their core class where they have the majority of their classes. They begin to transition away from having one class teacher to having subject-specific teachers that come to their core classroom. This step helps prepare students for Year 8 and Senior School, where they increasingly move between different classrooms for each subject.

In Year 7, students spend about 75% of their time in their core classroom.  This reduces to about 65% in Year 8, as they take on more elective classes, and once in Year 9 in the Senior School, there is no core classroom.

Year 7 students are given increasing autonomy and are exposed to a variety of learning areas including food tech, textiles, applied tech, drama and art in their learning. They develop their self-reliance and organisational skills under the guidance of their tutor and class teachers.



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