Scotch Oakburn College’s most important responsibility.

At Scotch Oakburn, our most important responsibility is to ensure our programs are provided in an environment that is caring, nurturing and safe for all children and young people. We’re very proud that we’ve been awarded full Safeguarding Children accreditation through the Australian Childhood Foundation. This means our entire team strive for the highest possible standards with respect to safeguarding children and young people from abuse.  

We have a detailed Safeguarding Children and Young People (SCYP) Policy and SCYP Code of Conduct Policy. These guide the College team in their behaviour towards, and in the presence of, children and young people to prevent potentially harmful behaviour. We also have a SCYP Reporting and Responding Policy which outlines how we will respond to abuse and neglect if it occurs. 

Our SCYP Policy, SCYP Code of Conduct Policy and SCYP Reporting and Responding Policy have all been approved by our Board of Directors. Every staff member at the College is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all children and young people. 

In particular, we are committed to safeguarding children and young people at the College from any form of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional or psychological abuse or neglect. 

Scotch Oakburn College Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

Scotch Oakburn College Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Child Protection Statement

Scotch Oakburn College Wellbeing Policy

Notification of concerns direct to Child Safety Services – Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) – non urgent 

For additional information about child wellbeing and safety, contact 

Strong Families, Safe Kids Advice and Referral Line: 

  • Phone: 1800 000 123 

For free and confidential support for people who have been affected by sexual violence, contact the Tasmanian Sexual Assault Support Line (24 hour response state-wide): 

  • Phone: 1800 697 877 

This line is run by the Sexual Assault Support Service in the South, and Laurel House in the North West. 

For information and support for children, young people and adults affected by family violence, contact 

Family Violence Counselling and Support Service: 

  • Phone: 1800 608 122 

For free and confidential support for people impacted by crime, contact 

Victims of Crime Service: 

  • Phone: 1300 300 238 

For support for relationships and to live positive lives, contact 

Relationships Australia Tasmania: 

  • Phone: 1300 364 277 


Why is Safeguarding Accreditation important?

  1. It optimises the College’s risk management policies and procedures with regard to the safety of children and young people in its services and programs. 
  2. It provides the College with access to an evidence-based approach to protecting children and young people. 
  3. It enables Scotch Oakburn to assure parents and carers that it values and knows how to keep children and young people safe from abuse and exploitation.